Friday, July 8, 2011

Pop Your Bubble with Breath

With thoughts running around I have one has a closed mind. With breath the mind is open, with breath one is able to consider all as one is able to hear. I have started to have this problem with watching videos, I could not seem to get it on track, I could not seem to figure out what was going on. I have started to not be able to hear videos, I could not hear words, and that was because I have been caught up in my mind with thoughts not breathing not placing myself within breath and hearing the words. Within breath I am `opening up my mind`, my mind is open within breath, through breathing. I am stopping myself from closing my mind which is thoughts, which is the entire act of thinking within breathing. Within breathing I am able to hear the words,
listen to the words and place them as me and to an extent live them, live them through creating a reference within myself to which I can relate.

When thinking during watching a video I close myself off. I cannot hear to words, I cannot put them into context, and I cannot apply them to myself. So thoughts actually close ones mind off from reality, where as breathing brings you back to reality. Being stable within breath will allow one to effectively direct oneself within reality as within breath one is able to place oneself within reality…take in reality and move through it as themselves. Whereas thinking one closes oneself off from reality. I have experienced many times when walking or travelling myself thinking heavily and in a moment I will breathe and say  “holy shit how did I get here” or simply realize I am here, but there would be no recognition of the path I travelled only of the thoughts that I participated in, and even then I cannot remember many of the thoughts as I was not here within reality, I was not coherent, I was simply allowing a system to run me and that system is the Mind Consciousness system in which thoughts derive from with the assistance of me participating it, giving it value and worth.

So breathing helps place one in reality, breathing allows one to take in reality and move through it. Thinking closes oneself off from the world…it is like filtering bubbles, where it takes into context all of your past searches on a search engine, and makes your searches relevant to the past information that you have typed in or looked at = it blocks one off from reality, and what one types into search engines is within the mind, it is ones interests, it is self-interests and that’s what thoughts are as well and therefore they block on off from reality as well.

Stopping thoughts allows one to take in reality, thinking creates a bubble of self-interest.

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