Thursday, July 14, 2011

Thoughts = Matter?

In this article it is being said that thought proves that God exists = in the article it is written Thought = Energy,  Energy = Matter,  Thought = Matter. That being said `God` thought this world into existence and thus we are thinking this world into existence.

To an extent this is understandable whereas many use the fact that without thinking a couch a couch cannot come into existence, so therefore the thought/idea of the couch made the couch exist, or allowed the couch to exist. From this perspective sure thought creates reality, but the simply fact is that the couch is not a couch disproves it.

The idea of a couch still exists within out mind, if we see a couch and say a couch then yes we are seeign a couch, but simply we are not seeing for what is actually is = physical matter = we only sculpted the physical matter into the shape that we now call couch, the physical matter is still the same and it did not originate from thought. The idea of a couch originated from thought, and thus we placed that idea into existence but that idea still exists only within out head, that is when we look at a couch we see a couch and not the fact that it is fibres intertwined with wood to create the structure that it is.

So a couch is not from a thought it is from/as the physical, only the idea that has surrounded a couch is from a thought. The idea is not real, the idea of a couch is not real, the actual couch is real the physicallity of the couch is real.

We sculpted the idea of a couch from out minds, the idea still exists within our minds, as the couch has always been the same, meaning it has always been the physical = just because it is within a different form does not mean it is new, meaning the couch has always been a couch it has always been the same WAY before the idea of a couch existed = thus it was not created from thought = the physical was not created from thought we only percieve it to be that way through a fucked up perception, because we believe a couch to be a couch not considering the fact that is was here a lot longer before we thought of it, same with Bodies and here we all are existing in our minds = we have been here for a lot longer than we can remember.

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