Thursday, July 7, 2011

`Getting out of the System` and Equal Money

To get out of this system it takes money. One must buy their way out. Buy seeds, Buy land, Buy methods of alternative energy, so simply put it takes money to get out of the money system. Equal money is no different in terms of getting out of the system. Yet it takes into consideration ALL life. When wanting to get out of the system or off the grid, only SELF-interest is involved, it is only for self, it is only considerate of self, no others whatsoever. This is where equal money differs. Equal money is in the best interest of ALL life, it considers all life, it allows all life to be free of the current economic system of enslavement to money and thus to debt.

Within the current economic system that we are in, everything moves with the movement of money. If you want to get `out` of the system, or get off the grid, you are going to need to gain and move money in that direction = buying the supplies, land, and support that one will need to become self-sufficient. The same point exists within establishing an Equal Money System, The foundation must be support financially, as getting into politics does take money, it takes money to register as a candidate, it takes money for the campaign, so yes Equal 
Money does need to be supported financially as it is moving within the current economics system in which nothing will move/be supported without financial backing, so please check out the Equal Money System at and support it, as it is the solution that many if not all are looking for within this world = eternal stability of ones life.

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