Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A New energy solution is impossible unless a new monetary system is created

New Form of energy
I watched a documentary about bio diesel for a very short period of time. The point within this is supporting another type of fuel, getting that going...the person talking about this was Willie Nelson and he asked why are not people screaming and jumping up and down to support bio-diesel? People are, people everywhere are jumping up and down screaming support for a new form of energy other than coal or oil. The problem is that within this economic system things will not be supported unless they have monetary backing, and the wealth of the Big oil companies and coal companies. The support for a new energy is abundant but it is only currently words, there is very little monetary backing for these new energies.

The problem of actual movement of a new product of energy support for our fuel system, is within the current economic system. There cannot exist a new form of energy yet because there is far too much money involved within the current forms of energy = coal, oil. It extends into all nations across the world. There is far too much influence from the companies to ever get a new system running, unless somehow it becomes more profitable for companies emerging.  

The only way to get a new form of energy up and moving is to create and implement a new economic system and monetary system. That new economic system is currently the equal money system. That is the only solution of the stage of the world currently that has ground within reality. Within an equal money system it will be possible to create and implement a new form of energy support, because money will not be a limiting factor within an equal money system. So for example, money controls, what energy you use, it controls how  you use energy, it controls what you will use energy with, it controls what you use with energy, it controls how energy is produced, it controls how it is sent, it controls how one receives it, it controls everything currently, and now money is a supposed limit, meaning that there is a limit within money, you know the limit reaches its max when it hits zero lol it is reversed. Meaning that the limit to your money is how much you have in opposite to zero. Now you may not understand the words but look at it...if you have 30 dollars for food compared to 100 obviously you are going to be much more limited having 30 dollars, so that is why I am saying that its LIMIT is zero, you have reached your max LIMIT when one has no money.

That is how the current system works and then through looking at say the electric car, it has much less money within that industry than the petrol car, therefore the electric car is much more limited than petrol, same goes for nuclear vs solar, or wind vs coal, etc etc.
So that is why there can only be a new form of energy within an equal money system, because within an equal money system money doesn’t limit, it supports unconditionally. It gives you money for the food that you need instead of making you go out and `make` that money for food and then thus one is limited by how much money one makes. The money will be there for a new form of energy, but even within an equal money system the amount of energy needed will be reduced much less.

Investigate and support and Equal Money system at It IS the solution to the current `problems` of our world.

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