Saturday, May 28, 2011

Crimes of Money and Media

Media And Money
All the media shown on television is controlled by profit and the amount of money associated with a company. The more money a company/corporation has the more airtime that add will get. Thus then there is a manipulation of what one see on the news and all of media in fact, through the application of profit and money. So within this what is shown on the media is all for profit, it will not show unbiased news clips or segments.

For example the starvation in impoverished nations occur DAILY, but the news does not report on this what so ever. I have not seen a segment on any popular news about the starvation that current exists in this world. A few news stories about lack of food, or war, or some saviour within an impoverished country but never the real starvation, never clips of children starving, never photos of villages that suffer daily, never reports or information of the condition why and the reason why, no investigation into starvation.

This is not shown because of the interest revolving around money and interests and obviously the interests of companies/corporations is more money.  They do not show these things because in fact the companies/corporations have created the starvation through creating false projections of business opportunities within the now impoverished countries, building the infrastructure there and then enslaving that nation to debt, usually making the head of the country incredibly wealthy at the same time thus creating enslavement within the head of the country as they would too end up living in poverty if they neglected the corporations money. This then takes away from the GDP from the country and places it within a wealthier country making the rich richer and the poor poorer. All the while the corporations are knowingly doing this. And with this they make a lot of money being able to influence what they want to influence such as media. So the media is completely influenced by profit, and if a corporation wants to spin a news segment or stop one from coming out all they have to do is use their influence/money.

Many are dying because of this accepted way of life, and yes these corporations knowingly participate in this for their own wealth and `happiness` ignoring the fact that they are creating the suffering first hand of these people, through debt enslavement.
This is a Crime! It will not be stopped until all money is moved around equally within an equal money system thus removing their power and influence. So a question here is that will there be penalties for their actions when a new system in brought in? This is a tough one. Ultimately they need to be forgiven for their crimes against humanity and we all must ensure that the destruction of life never occurs again as MILLIONS die a day from this needless suffering. I do not suggest they suffer the same fate. I would hold them from ever having any form of power or influence on anything ever again. I suppose making them do actual manual labour would help as they have done nothing in their lives other than move money around to get what they want, they would have to now work for it as the majority of the world has.

Activists do not take on this point. They are taking on the point of the suffering within impoverished nations, the cause and reason is not looked into. They accept the fact that people are suffering, and stop there. Not looking at the bigger issue does not solve the problem as the problem lays within the larger view which is the current economic system we have in place.

Investigate an Equal Money System at as the solution to the hell that we have on Earth on the moment. It is the only thing that is being suggested that takes into account the reality of the money system and the situation we current have within/as this world

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