Friday, May 20, 2011

Heaven is a Fairy Tale

May 19th 2011
The fascination with heaven is abundant in most if not all cultures within this world. The teachings within religion consist of describing heaven as a blissful existence and state of being...that if you can achieve going into heaven the rest of your existence will be bliss. The human condition is one that is addicted to positivity. We are all searching for that positivity in know the pursuit of happiness. Since heaven is within the mind as an idea one is able to focus on that entirely, and escape reality through focusing on that blissful state within their mind and try all that they believe they can do get to that idea within their mind. Even within the physical here everyone is searching for this idea of positivity within relationships, material objects, money, attaining enlightenment, etc. So the fascination occurs because it plays on the humans wants for this intense everlasting positivity and high energy. Humans fantasize because it is thus then the best thing that they could imagine because it is described as being the best and one must be the best to enter heaven...the Christianity form at least.

I remember reading a book about the crusades and that Middle Eastern Assassins. There was a story being told of a crusader going to meet up with a king from the assassins. The king showed the crusader just how much influence he had on his people and with a wave of his hand a man jumped from a watch tower to his death. There was one reason for this and that was because he thought bliss was on the other side of life. What happened previously is that the drugged up teenagers and when they became quite intoxicated and passed out, they brought them into a `garden of eden` which was a place in the castle where there was plenty of fruit and vegetables growing. They also had sex slaves there as well as well with hashish, so these teenagers would have the time of their lives and once again be drugged. When they woke up again they were out of that Eden and the kings had told them that they had experienced what was on the other side of life if you obey me etc, because the king was doing a `good` thing and one mut obey to the laws of `good` to go back to that eden. So of course there would be fascination about this heaven thing as it is described as the best thing one can imagine and then thus that desire for that everlasting positive feeling and experience exists within each human thus they fascinate and follow blindly.

No wonder Stephen Hawking said that Heaven is a fairy tale for those that are afraid of the dark. Reality here is dark, there is suffering everywhere, but many will not look...needless suffering. So heaven provides that state of mind where one can escape to and ignore the reality which is dark/negative and heaven being light/positive. Even in religion following the idea of heaven revolves around fear. Fear god and obey him and you may get into heaven, thus fear what is here = the negativity = ignore what is here = a blind fairy tale positive bullshit story that allows one to not look at what is here and come up with a solution to the suffering abuse, murder, rape, annihilation of the Earth, which will still exist when we are all dead...if we don’t do something about it Now. This IS no different that Santa Claus where god is Santa. A man who works in the north pole/sky that gives presents/salvation to the `good` in the world and hands coal/condemnation to those who are `bad`. Most people have believed this story in their lives only to realize it was a lie told by our parents to believe in something magical/miraculous. God is the same idea only we have not stopped believing it and looked at reality where lies are being told to get us to act by our parents/governments whim as being a good citizen/child and do not ask questions or question the authority.

Is heaven a possibility on Earth? It is a possibility but not within the current system. This system is all about winning and losing and ask yourself is that heaven when there are losers? This system is about haves and have nots, it is about luxury and poverty. Heaven in my opinion would be one where people will look out for what is best for all on this planet, where people do not kill eachother over resources or religions or ethnicities, where we do not end up raping this Earth from its resources. It gives to us unconditionally but we abuse. Heaven is within a change that humans must undergo to remove this `nature` of abuse, of rape, of murder, or hell basically. Heaven on Earth would be within an Equal Money System where the resource of money is provided to all equally, this causes no one to have to put themselves in compromising positions such as prostitution or child labour or making Iphones and Ipods for Apple working 12 hours a day or Jeans for Walmart making 35cents a day and having to support themselves as life within the means of that 35cents. Heaven would be where everyone on this Earth lives a dignified life. Heaven is only possible if the humans changes and is willing to change into doing what is best for all and live that principle instead of the self-interest being lived now. Heaven is possible through creating a new system and the system that is being supported as an actual solution in an Equal Money System as it takes on all of the points that exist here within this current system.

So if you truly want to exist within heaven = support the Equal Money System ( ) Donate what you can because yes everything within this current system takes money for it to evolve and be produced, it is common sense then that this will take money to be implemented.

Investigate an EMS as the solution to the entire world problems as well investigate how this system operates and how an EMS will operate.

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