Sunday, May 15, 2011

American Interests in Bahrain

May 15th 2011
I have been reading many reports on American Interests in Bahrain and the topic that seems to be popping up is the fact that America houses its fifth fleet on the waters of Bahrain. Bahrain allows this to happen with agreement with the United States.
Taking this into consideration the US most likely will not want to interfere with what the Bahraini government is doing through the possibility of losing that established offshore base. The fifth fleet is the hold of power for America in that part of the world. Bahrain houses many US bases and Command points within its borders. There is obviously points here that the current government is supporting American interests so obviously they are not going to step in and assist the protestors in removing the oppressive regime. The current government is giving the United States everything that it wants from the land that is called Bahrain, so why would they step in an lend a hand to the protestors who are being violated daily? They are going to allow the abuse that is going on there to continue to exist since right now it is government vs citizens and the government is supporting American interests and the citizens aren’t. This is a game of profit and obtaining self interests, within and without the collective human race.

The Americans have strategically placed a man in power or won over the power of the Family that has Run Bahrain for the past 200 years. So there is an established relationship between Bahrain and the United States government that support each’s self interests. Bahrain has bought much military equipment from the US over the past years and the US lends money to Bahrain to continue its exploits and purchases of its own military Equipment. The establishment of the fifth fleet in the Northern part of Bahrain allows the US military to oversee 40% of the Oil movement within the Straight of Hormuz. This is all unlived information at the moment but nonetheless relevant. As the relevancy is the fact that the US has not done a thing to protect the rights of the Bahraini people and is allowing this abuse, mutilation, murder, and oppression of these people...because Bahrain is an ally to the States and the States will not compromise its own self-interests through doing what is best for all. This situation is all about money. The US is making a lot of money off of the Bahrain government and the Bahrain government is giving all that America wants within the land that they hold. Therefore since it all seems to be `looking up` for America to have the current government in place it will not assist or stop or consider the people that are being oppressed, abused, murdered.

A while back I remember the fact that Saudi Arabia was sending in tanks to assist with the displacement of the protestors and to help quell the uprising. Again this is unlived information so I cannot confirm it, but it has been said that the US pushed this to help support the Bahrain government and make it look like America has absolutely no hands in the operations there. I know that Saudi Arabia has huge oil ties with the States and again both countries cooperate with eachother to support each’s own self-interests, so why would Saudi Arabia send in tanks to assist within a problem that really they have no hand in? In doing so common sense is that there is a common point between these countries that they are moving on in cooperation with eachother which would most likely be the support of American interests of keeping the Bahraini Government in place through stopping the protestors.

The point here is money and profit. Those are what is driving America from not doing anything about the murder, abuse, segregation and oppression of the people living in Bahrain.

The solution for this is an Equal Money System, where profit is not the driving force behind humans, as there will be no profit within an Equal Money System. Profit will not will be supported through being given money and when that money is spent it will not go into anything else it will simply disappear. So investigate and support an Equal money system as it is a realistic solution that takes into account what is here, and does not move on ideals. It is the practical way for all life to be supported without suffering.


  1. Thanks Paul for your perspective. I am another vote for equal money.

  2. its all sad and im a shamed of whats hapning from the bahraini gov and what there doing to good ppl oh and if u may get ur words larger thank u