Monday, May 23, 2011

Don't Attack Harold Camping = Take responsibility

May 22nd 2011
There have been people now who are attacking Harold Camping for us still being here. This is not the way to deal with things. Please people take responsibility for yourself believing in these types of things. You believed it so you are responsible for yourself giving into the belief and idea of salvation and people being better than others.

Attacking Harold for this mistake in existence is purposeless. We are all still here so we must take responsibility for what is here. God will not be coming down on a cloud to absolve a select few for heaven etc. We are all responsible for what is here so we must take care of what is here, no being is going to `save` us other than ourselves, so we must take responsibility for the hell that is here and create a heaven as ourselves, through stopping our own shit and stop it from coming out in to the world. This world will not be saved as it does not need to be saved. It must be corrected through correcting ourselves from accepting the shit that is here blindly, and stop hoping for a saviour and stand up to take responsibility for what is here so that we as a whole may correct it because it will not change unless all of us stand up and take responsibility for what is here and stand to correct it.

Harold Camping is not solely responsible for this we all are, everyone who wants to give up through believing that they will be saved in the end makes us all wait for the end = death = not taking responsibility here and doing what we can while on this Earth to fix ourselves and what we have created as this Earth.
So do not blame others for our own beliefs as that gets us nowhere = stand up and take responsibility so we can change and thus start to rely on ourselves as change, rely on ourselves to save ourselves, rely on ourselves to fix the abuse of life we have created, accepted, and allowed on this Earth.

Waiting for death is a cop-out of this existence. By now it should be realized that there is no way out, that the only way `out` is through this mess to move through this mess as ourselves with a clarity so that we ma understand exactly what is going on and purify ourselves first so that we may move through this mess and clean it up as ourselves, then thus allow ourselves to birth a new world from/as ourselves as we have currently birthed this one from/as ourselves.

Christianity is not purity, take a self-honest look at it. Therefore it is not the solution as it dupes people into believing something grand to rape their pockets such as the belief of the RAPEture

Join DIP to Coach yourself back to LIFE, investigate Equal Money as the solution to the humans existence within this world equal and one.

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