Monday, May 23, 2011

Atheist Rarely become Leaders

May 23rd 2011
Rarely Atheists become leaders. In almost every election I have seen Christianity is supported and pushed within the election, often many times it is also questioned in political campaigns whether or not the opponent is standing within his religious statements/movements. 

Obviously Religion is heavily supported within leaders as there are many more religious people than non-religious people.
There seems to be a type of `war` between atheists and religious people each fighting eachother in all spectrums within this world. Since there are many more religious people than non-religious, religious people are going to vote for their own kind as it seems to be the way people have evolved within a fear of survival.

Money is a large factor within this as well, as political movements are funded by money and move within the means of money, and there are not a lot of people with large sums of money that are willing to support atheism as it does not support the powers that be, the powers that be would like people to be easily manipulated and controlled hence religion, therefore the corporations with money will tend to not support atheists and support religious believers/manipulators to get their own interests supported eg: The fear of Muslims, and the Iraq war

Atheists most likely will never be supported as the infusion of religion within this system is extensive and hard to break.
Investigate an EMS as the solution to the human’s problems. Within an EMS we will not debate on whether who is right or wrong within the human spirituality, we will deal with what is here within the physical reality.

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