Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Struggle within the System

May 26th 2011
This system does not support life unconditionally. From being a diabetic I have witnessed the bullshit within the medical industry first hand.

What I am currently going through is a loss of benefits. I have been under my father’s benefits until now, to which my medical expenses are 80% covered. Without that I must pay full price for my insulin where one type of insulin is $200 for 5 viles which I will go though in about 2 weeks. Without the benefits from him having his job I must now find a job that has benefits or find a way around this so I do not end up using all of my money. I have a job now that will cover 100% of my medical expenses on the condition of working there for 2 years and working a minimum of 2000 hours within that 2 years to which at the current rate they are giving me hours I will not make that condition. I have only worked there for 10 months so I would have to wait another 14 months to be able to get the benefits while in the meantime I would have to find a way to pay for the insulin I need to support myself here in the physical.

As well I would like to approach schooling now, within which I would need an alternative to getting the coverage for the insulin because obviously if I were to get benefits at a job I would need to keep that job to receive continual benefits, so to a point I am completely stuck within the system here.

With the fact that his benefits are ending in 1 week I have been looking for a job that will provide benefits for me, but even then I would still be stuck within that system because in order for me to go to school I must give up a full time job, thus I lose benefits.

Does this sound like support for life? It shouldn’t. This is abuse within/as the system for all people with a medical illness all for the name of profit. With a medical condition one is stuck within the system with little room for movement = one becomes entrapped within the system of money and finding ways to achieve money for survival...but everyone is. Everyone is within this struggle, with house payments, car payments, debt payments, etc. This system is not here for the people, it is not here to support life but it is here only to continue the system further with our acceptance and allowance of it thus allowing it to continue.

So why do I support an Equal Money System. For obvious stated reasons above.

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  1. I would look into universities as you may get medical coverage if you are full time student.