Saturday, May 14, 2011

Bailing out Greece was a Failure, and Will Continue to Be

May 14th 2011
The previous Greek bailout was a failure. Again the same point came around to once again bite them in the ass. Failure within the capitalistic system is inherent within the system, it should be obvious, when you have to get money with debt attached to it and then pay that debt back which is more than the available money. So yes Greece’s economy is going to fall. It is inherent. SO again they are at another position where the debt is great and they must pay it back. Greece is relying on the support from other EU nations to one again bail them out, but like charity this only softens the blow. Have a look, when you donate to charity, it only prolongs the starvation of the people for a short while, but after the money runs out and/or is used up people remain falling back into starvation. That is exactly what happens within bailouts = charity. The other countries will inject money into the falling country’s economy to prolong the situation. After time and after the money has been used up, the problem returns, and it compounds because since they have used that money more debt has been created. So the problem is inherent within the economic system that is here, all economies will fall this way...eventually, once the injected money runs out.
Greece trying to salvage itself has made cuts to public service workers limiting their income, thus taking away their livelihoods. Then people become frustrated at the fact that the politicians are using their money so unwisely and they start to protest and complain, while they should have complained all the while and re-worked the political situation. The protests then turn violent. And the violence is staggering, People are throwing petrol bombs at cops, lighting shit on fire and creating complete destruction. This is not a solution. Destroying things only creates a worse outcome for all because rebuilding is a much harder effort than to re-work it. As well all the destruction is only going to use tax payer’s money further... a vicious circle.
So of course the bailout was a failure, all bailouts are going to fail, it is only a matter of when as the pattern is inherent within the system of making the rich richer and the poor poorer, relevant within countries and individuals equal and one.
To sum it up, the world economic system will continue to fall, it will continue to get worse. Protests, violence, complaining are not the solution. The system cannot be solved, the current system cannot be kept because the fact of it falling is inherent within the system.
The solution exists within politics, Moving into politics, `the heart of the beast` and re-working it from there to create an entirely new system with what is already here. Meaning to re-work the kinks out of the system so that it does not continue to exist the way it does.
The solution is an equal money system. An equal money system does not rely on a separate institution separate from itself to fund itself, it simply funds itself. It stops the reliance on a job = which is separate from self to support life. It gives the opportunity for self to fund self, meaning from the fact that you are here on this Earth and breathing = you get money to support yourself = self funding. It keeps the movement of money, but takes away the reliance on something separate from self such as a bank or a job to give one the means to survive in this world/system. It gives one the means to survive for being in this world simply put. Debt does not exist within an EMS because debt is created for profit, I give you this but for giving you this you will owe me more for paying it back over time and this will accumulate if you fall on your payments therefore I make money from giving you money...In an EMS money is given unconditionally, and does not stick around, once it is spent it disappears so that people cannot horde equal money, therefore greed is immediately taken out of the picture, because profit is as well taken out of the picture.
Going through the political system is how to change the political system. Anarchy and protests only worsen the situation as one is not re-working the system but destroying it. And self-honesty is realizing the fact that we currently need a system to support ourselves within this world, and the current system in inherently flawed, whereas an Equal Money System is suggested as the solution, and from my perceptive it is the only real thing that has been suggested as it looks at all the facets of the current system and how one must re-work it.
Investigate and support an Equal Money system at It takes money to bring about a new system, as anything in this world will not move without money.

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