Friday, May 13, 2011

Libya's Migrant's Futures

Many people  are now migrating from Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, etc. They have been migrating to escape the civil war and the utter abuse that is existing there for simply protesting. Many of them have to leave there homes completely behind and travel on an overcrowded boat with a constant possibility of capsizing. One man from Libya said that there is no job, no food, no water, and basically all nessecities of life are non-existent there now from the civil war.
Segregation is what is happening to the migrants. Reports have suggested that the ones migrating into Europe are heading for Italy, and Italy is requesting that it should not bear the brunt of the migrants and that the other EU nations should help out in displacing the migrants. So within that Italy does not want to help out all of these migrants immediately. They are going to need to rebuild their entire lives for the time being and many countries are not willing to support these individuals unconditionally. I am sure that the condition that they are only willing to support these individuals is that if they already have some money, so that the countries will thus then say, `yes come in, you have money that you can spend here and help out our economy`. But that will most likely not happen as many Libyans have literally left everything behind them and have been stripped of their possessions and `valuables` from entering a boat. Reports have said that Libyans have been given warning shots if they do not give over their possessions in the moment of entering the boat, plus I mean they can barely carry anything onto that boat, it is not like it is purposely accommodating them on each boat, like a  place for their belongings and `carry-ons`, they are being placed on a boat that can hold barely comfortably 400 people, yet that is not what is happening at least 500-600 people are being placed on a boat so there is absolutely no room for anything that may allow them to establish a life when they get to their destination.
With all that taken into consideration, their lives are going to be incredibly difficult in the future. Some may be able to find jobs and create just a life to be lived where most will not find a job whatsoever and will rely on the `good` efforts of people, with is not much within looking at this world currently. Reports have said that roughly 750,000 people have not migrated out of Libya and other North African Nations. There is no where near that amount of jobs available, probably even with taking into consideration all of EU, let alone one nation that most are migrating to. And do you think these countries are going to prioritise the Libyans? Or their own `countrymen` first.
The lives of these immigrants are going to be incredibly hard if not already, and if already it is going to remain difficult or become worse. As there is not enough jobs in the EU to unconditionally support these people. They will most likely become bums or end up dying from starvation, or having to accommodate themselves in less than dignified living positions. Their choice is only one thing and that is to have a difficult life or to follow with the pro-Ghadaffi Regime, and most are not moving with the regime because it is also abusive and unsupporting to living conditions of people. As well with the EU economy about to fall heavily these people as well as many others now are going to have to once again to fight for their LIFE! When did it become an accepted part of existence to FIGHT FOR LIFE!? Life should be supported not fought for, nor should the opportunity to fight for life exist! In the current global economy finding a way to make money is going to be incredibly difficult and since money is the current accepted way to support life and people need jobs to have money life is going to diminish from this Earth fast, so the lives of these people needing to migrate are going to diminish.
Join and investigate DIP at to support eachother as life and to create an effective stable income for yourself as well, investigate an Equal Money system as In an Equal Money System everyone will not need to migrate, everyone will be accepted as a being of life, and not segregated as definitions of nations or nationalities etc. They will have support right under their feet, not needing to rely on an amount of jobs to fend for their life, no one will. Life as money will be distributed equally, and thus all will be supported equally. Support an Equal Money System to be a true advocate for life instead of fighting the problem, solve the problem with the solution of Equal Money.

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