Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Standing on Morality is doomed to fall

Apr 5th 2011

I was looking at morality today. The point came up within thinking about smoking and continuing or not. I have chosen to quit before out of morality believing myself to be good for doing it, or being positive for doing it and negative for starting again if I did, so when I started again I went into judgement and depression. I was looking at this point and I noticed that morality changes quite often, if I did it to be good then for only so long I would want to be good, we all have these wants to be bad or go against beliefs and rules, and I set that rule for myself of not smoking. Again since morality changes quite often and moods change quite often using that point as a starting point of stopping anything, using moreality, to stop anything is useless and ineffective as I have found. I was looking at the reason for stopping smoking to stop supporting cigarette companies who use their money to abuse, deceive, manipulate etc. If one uses a point within reality that will not change then one can use that point to stand on as it does not waver. Meaning that I can use the fact that cigarette companies abuse to stop smoking, I can use that point to stop smoking because it is stable and is unwavering as it is set in reality. And if they were to suddenly stop abusing then and only then would that point waver and then one could then choose to smoke or not because the point ended. If I were to use that point to stop smoking standing would be easier as it does not waver, and since I have used morality to stope smoking before, I wavered and fell. So that is an interesting point and I am using that point when I am done smoking this pouch.

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