Sunday, April 24, 2011

Process of building houses now and then

The building process of houses within the current system is a disgusting process. My moms house has been recently been built as well as the entire street save a quarter of it. The ground is littered with excess wood and building materials. The quarter that has been built for a while has grass, the rest do not, and from looking at it the exact same process existed for those houses as did the houses that have no grass.

What they have planned to do it to put a layer of top soil over all of the shit that is left behind and then roll out grass over it, burying the all of the left over materials to escape taking responsibility for it and to escape time and money, as removing all of the left over materials will take time and thus not make the builders any money, builders meaning the company that is building, the actual builders will get paid for it but the company won’t allow the `time waste`, so they leave the waste to save time=money.

I have learnt that worms will live in fertile soil one that is rich in nutrients. The soil here is not going to support life it is not what is best for all. Worms will not be able to survive in the conditions we have thus made for them, they will only have about a foot or 2 deep of placed soil that is not amalgamated with the earth below. I have noticed that digging here there is no worms what so ever, yet at my fathers place, a place that is 130 years old, worms are absolutely everywhere, you dig at any spot on the yard and 9 times out of 10 there will be worms living in the soil.

The changes that has happened since then has been the useage of time. In the modern era we are all bound to time to get things done as quick as possible to make the most money possible, to always continue to the next project in the shortest amount of time, and if that means covering our shit then so be it. I was not living 130 years ago but one thing I can tell is that you can see the actual logs that were used to create the floors, so it was not about time it was more about the lasting of the house, and now all of the houses are put up incredibly fast to make profit out of the building and thus materials are used that are cheap quality, and the method to produce a house is cut and go basically. So the contrast of the areas is interesting and relating it to the era they were built within, there has obviously been a change in the quality of the housing and the purpose for housing. I doubt many of these houses will be in the shape that they are in now in 130 years from now, all is planned for the dollar within the now, never thinking about the affects in the time to come. The house at my fathers has stood the test of time, each winter and spring the house shifts, like some doors won’t close in spring that close in winter, yet it has stood the test of time, meaning that the workers actually put effort into creating a house that will last, and not something that they could make a quick dollar off of compared to todays world

In an Equal Money System will housing exist like this? Absolutely not, as the housing that is being built today is not whatt is best for all. It is all in the name of profit, thus in an EMS profit will not exist so the only other choice would to build something that lasts as without the consideration of money we thus consider the affects of our actions. To build something as fast as possible to make the most amount of money possible, obviously there are going to be corners cut, and thus the maintenance of these building are going to be extensive, so within an EMS buildings will be made to last so that the work that needs to be constantly done on a building in minimum and thus lasting many generation so that we stop sprawl.

I am one vote for an Equal Money System!

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  1. Cool description of a house. A part of my house is from 1725. Some of the boards are almost two feet wide. I can't imagine a tree this big around here anymore. These broad boards are called King's board because trees this big were sent to England-but if a tree was found "fallen" in the forest, the locals were allowed to have it.
    The difference in the width and thickness of these boards in comparison to modern building materials is huge. Even the denseness of the wood is very different. This wood is not "forced growth" profit wood.