Saturday, April 23, 2011

A lack of Water?!?!Because of Money?!?!

The lack of water provided to all life is a massive issue that needs to be delt with. Water is a source of life and is completely abundant on this Earth. There should be no reason for life to go without water but there is and that reason is the money system in place currently as it is all for profit and not for life.

Many people do not have access to water on a daily basis and half to walk miles to get water. The issue is a lack of money being circulated equally within this world. The people who do not have access to water are the poor people of the world. They do not have money to move a situation to get them water, meaning that it takes money to create an infrastructure of plumbing to provide access to water, and many of the countries are completely poor and now this is fucking ridiculous.

The unfortunate part of this equation is the fact that companies who will provide infrastructure are looking to make money and if the countries that have little access to water are poor than their situation is stagnant and will not move as money moves things in this world. Many people starve to death every day, many people die from thirst every day but this goes unnoticed or unaddressed within the world news, it only supports ignorance and self interests.

There have been many devices created to filter even the dirtiest water into palpable water. Yet why are these things not supported as they are obviously a solution to the issue of dirty water? Money. The water industry is fascinatingly large, and again the point here within this system is to make as much money as you can so that the company may survive and thus everyone within the company can keep their job and survive themselves, yet no one looks out for any other being in this world as that is the way the world is currently set up.

The beings that do not have access to water do not have access to money so the problem and solution is the way money is distributed and the way we have accepted and allowed the money system to exist. In an equal money system, the fact that all will have an equal amount of money will create the fact of equality within this world instead of haves and have nots allowing all to live sufficiently within this world

The fact that we need to buy things that we need to survive is the dumbest thing in existence and the most enslaving thing to conditions of life.

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