Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Tool that is Money And Our Usage

I watched a movie about the Exxon Valdese Oil spill and an image that registered with me was a bird trying to swim in the oiled water and struggling intensely, the image showed the bird making 4-5 stokes in the water/oil and then falling underneath. The picture stayed at that stop for about 8 more seconds and the bird did not resurface.

The movie was about obviously that major oil spill and the politics behind it. Exxon was trying to get as much money out of it as possible and did not want to take responsibility for the oil spill because that meant that they would need to spend money on the clean up. They were trying to keep the white house separate from interacting within the politics of the oil spill because that means that Exxon could swing it in their direction to support their own self interest

This scenario happens everywhere currently where politics gets in the way of doing what is best for all. Take Libya currently for an example, every country that is there currently is bound to the politics surrounding it, and that is stopping them from doing what is best for all which is simply to remove the abuser. Since politics is getting in the way, the suffering prolongs, and the solution is no where in sight. Surprisingly enough again the politics is about oil and money, not taking life into consideration, only taking into consideration what we humans have valued which is money and profit and self-interests.

When an existence has an institution such as politics stopping people from doing what is best for all, it has become fucked and is a screwed up existence. We allow money to step in the way of LIFE! Money is not valuable, when you have no one around to support money does it exist? No because only our beliefs support the idea of money and the current way things are. In this reality money is a TOOL, not a set way of existence. Tools can be used in many various different ways and the current way we are using the tool as money is one that does not support life equally, it is you have money = you have the ability to support your existence here in the physical and if you don’t have money you suffer horrendously. The fact that the capitalistic system gives power to people with capital thus does not support everyone equally, as for some to have capital others must have none thus the way we are using the tool money is the most disgusting thing that life has ever seen. The fact that we can use the tool money to support everyone equally, should be supported as all life will be supported equally. We don’t need to be stuck in this way of existence, we must only change our beliefs of what is possible or more or less remove them so that we may actually see what is truly possible in this existence so that we may all be supported in this life equally by the tool of money instead of using ourselves as a tool to obtain money.

Investigate an Equal money system, so that we are able to use the tool that is money to support all life equally so that all may have and not only the capitalists. So that we may be able to get past this bullshit that is politics that hinders us from doing what is best for all on the world stage. So that we may be able to get rid of the abuse that exists within this world due to our acceptance of the current use of the tool money. So that we may use the tool that is money to support life instead of destroying it in all ways. So that we ALL may change to doing what is best for ALL instead of supporting only our self-interested energy consumption

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