Sunday, March 20, 2011

Pets and an EMS and Suffering

Mar 20th 2011 7:14pm

I enjoy writing and moving myself within process. I simply want to enjoy myself writing right now, I simply am allowing myself to write whatever comes. I have been again playing video games, and focusing a bit more on that. I realize that I can pay attention to videos a bit easier when I am distracted. Meaning that I can hear the words easier, as I tend to backchat while I am listening and trying to focus on the words and not my interpretation of the words. I would like a goal right now, I am wanting to do something. I do not want to sit here thinking. I am looking at what I can do that would be any worth right now and I see writing myself as having some worth. So what would I like to write about. Lets just take on something simple. Owning pets and an Equal Money system.

Owning pets will not be an issue. I heard a story of a person throwing kittens out of his car window because he did not want to take responsibility for them, and that is a solution?! It is not a solution. As I have said destruction is not a solution, it only makes things worse. This person wanted to destroy the cats, destroy his responsibility to the cats, and destroy himself. He decided to throw them out of his car while driving to `get rid` of the problem, but this created suffering within the cats as they got hit by cars, and now police are looking for him. So really he did destroy life, and destroy himself in the process for not taking responsibility for this. Many people love cats, and there are many ways to place them for adoption for free, yet this person decided to kill them, most likely because of money as it surrounds every point within existence right now. The food, the dishes, the litter, etc, So in an EMS this will not need to happen. As ALL life will be supported on Earth. In this case he will be provided money to feed the cats and take care of them or they would be found a place to live, and not sentenced to death like this after a few months on Earth.

Mar 20th 2011 8:56

A question that I have been asking myself for a few days now is where does the suffering end? Looking at an apple which is life, and that can feel because I can feel it, when I cut it with a knife it must feel that, may not hear the pain, hear the scream from the apple, but everything can feel, this keyboard can feel me as I feel it. To think that humans are the only things that has the sense of touch is ridiculous. So I ask the question where does the suffering end for the apple. Does it end when it is picked off the tree. I say no because it can still rot. And from my understanding it is suffering the entire time at the grocery store, because once you take that bite into it will decay quicker than without a bite, so I say that it is still alive until it completely dies like a human body, If you cut a slice out of me I will still be alive for a while until I lose blood, and die and rot. So I was questioning if the suffering ended somewhere or if it could still feel as it is being digested…if I was eaten bit by bit then I would simply die before I hit the stomach, but if I was eaten whole then I would feel being digested and would suffer in the stomach. So I have answered the question with myself.

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