Friday, March 25, 2011

War Heros Do not Exist

Mar 25th 2011 1:22pm

Ok so this Lybia situation has been reported on quite extensively. I was watching a segment on a `hero` who made an explosive out of his car and drove it into a military stronghold and blew a hole in the gate and allowed rebels to go into the stronghold and take it over. They were regarding this man as a hero because without that action they would not be able to take that stronghold and thus not be able to take the city of Benghazi as a stronghold for rebels. I mean all of this fighting truly gets no where, and this has excelled quite extensively, from shooting at protestors to an all out war right now. So I mean this action did not solve anything, it has only made things worse. And it IS all about money, the pro-ghadaffi fighters are fighting because of money, because they have money, and Ghadaffi is giving them money so ofcourse they are going to fight for him. And on the opposite end, the rebels are getting no money and thus are fighting against ghadaffi. So I mean there is no solution to this situation within fighting. This `hero` did not solve anything, If the rebels take over all of lybia I mean where is the solution, yes less death but still suffering. There will simply still be a reliance on money to provide for them. So there are no heros in this situation, there is only more and more death and violence. The people for and against ghadaffi are still affected by money, They are still affected by the money system. So nothing is solved. A hero in my eyes solves everything, One that has a solution. But this situation is still not solved, and is only growing worse by the day, moer violence, more death, more suffering….simply there is no solution to this other than stopping it immediately and forgiving each side for the murderous acts done. And then thus restart with what best for all taken into consideration. There are no `war heros`. LOL War is not a heroic condition.

So Simply support an EMS where all life is equally supported. This is the solution that will no longer have any fighting within it, as ALL life is supported equally.

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