Thursday, March 10, 2011

Fears are the Possibilites of this Reality

Mar 10th 2011 4:36am

I am watching Joanna’s video on her hunger and the physicality and the equality of the physical. She was talking about how some will fear not having food. Now I saw within this that fear shows what is possible in this world. We must ask then why are we fearing this and why is this an accepted existence. Meaning we fear not having food, we fear not having sustenance, so we must ask then why is it possible to not have food, why is this an accepted `way of life` . Why is it possible to go without food, why is it possible to not have sustenance? As well as how. So this fear of not having food shows the reality of the world. It shows that it is possible to not have food, it shows that it is possible to go insane, it shows that in this world it is possible to not have shelter. So why are these fears accepted within reality as us. Why are we existing as these fears, why are we allowing these fears to exists both internally and externally. It is not so much a question of why but how. How is because of money, because we have accepted and allowed ourselves to become reliant on the amount of money we have, and that amount determines or quality of life, which is completely fucking stupid as one look at the economic system. We are all subject to this crap and limitation. I was walking through a university, and I realized that there are a lot of people in that university…how many jobs could there actually be out there that support each ones `field`. I then questioned how many people will get a job and how many people are `wasting` their money setting themselves up for disappointment. So just because one has an education does not mean that a job is readily available to oneself, we are still limited by the limitation within this world…and we accept it. We accept starvation and poverty through this system…and it is murder because it is ACCEPTED it is a CREATED reality, not a fact of life as many believe, we ACCEPT starvation through our own accepted limitation of this system, through dependency on a job to get money. If 1500 people have a University degree and there are only 1000 jobs, which is the limitation, then 500 people are left without a job, left without an income, and left to `fight for their own survival`. This world is truly merciless. And we accept that fact of limitation as a reality, we accept it as `part of life`, and that is another thing to…we believe that life is and always will be this way…HA! Many do not believe in god, but through that accepted belief it is absolutely equal to the belief of a god. Anyways life is not a set pattern, it is completely changing, and through this and through realizing that we humans have control of the planet, control of existene right now, we can create a world where we are not dependant on jobs to create an income, we aare not dependant on a limitation within the system to support ourselves as life in this physical existence…An Equal Money System solves the limitation of jobs and an income, where one is no longer dependant on a job to provide income, no longer dependant on an outside resource to provide a physical existence for oneself.

The realization that this system cannot support itself is right infront of your eyes but we are blinded by our wants and self-interests to see, so suffering will either come to you or you will realize that we are responsible for our own suffering.

Stand for all life Equally and support an Equal Money System.

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