Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Charity is Not the Solution, Equal Money is!

Mar 9th 2011 3:24am

Charity is not the solution. Because money is not the problem. The problem is the current accepted way that money moves. One must attain a job that is `valued` in society to obtain a certain amount of money to then provide the necessities for themselves. If one cannot obtain that job, or a job alike then one starves to death. One will die because they cannot get to an idea of value within the accepted way that society is run. That is the problem.

The system is then the solution. The solution is to change the system. To create a new system.

When one gives to a charity, it will provide for people, but it does not stop the fact that starvation is a possibility. It is to take away the possibility to starve. The possibility to starve only exists because food and resources depends on having money. In an Equal money system it is not possible to have no money, thus not possible to starve.

Sincce it is possible in this current existence to have no money, it is t possible to have no resources to provide for yourself. If not realized through those words this is one massive fucking flaw for life. If that is a possibility in existence then life is fucking hell if you realize the totality of the existence. Yet most of us are happy because we only exist within our minds. To have the possibility to starve over a system that is existent is insane! This is a massive issue on the survival of anything in this world, since this world is entirely dependant on money right now because the human is dependent on money, and the world is being absolutely affected by the human, thus the entire world is affected by the system. It is all limited by money.

So Charity is not the solution because one is still dependant on the revolution of money into bank accounts, into the pockets of the individual to survive. One is still dependent on OBTAINING money to survive, and if it is possible to not be able to obtain money then it is possible to die of starvation.

In an Equal Money System it is not possible to not have money. Money is given to each individual because they are life, because life is what is valuable, because life is a gift, and should not be limited to have or have not, based on chance and luck within a system.

An Equal Money system Solves the problem of the possibility of starvation through not making it a possibility any longer. It solves the fact that there is a limit of money in this world. It solves the fact that life is limited by money, through not limiting an individual money.

Simply support an Equal Money System, It is the solution to all of the suffering in this world. It is the solution to the hell on this Earth.

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