Thursday, March 10, 2011


Mar 10th 2011 2:57pm

At work again I `lost` myself not realizing myself being here. I `lost` myself within my mind and thinking. Simply this was a fault within me. I through the assistance of Marlen realized that I have been forcing breath on myself…forcing myself to breath, beleivng this to be a correct way of applying myself within breath…that is neat. The words within breath, I have took literally, to place myself within breath. I did not look at reality that I am always breathing, I do not need to place myself within breath, or be breath as I am already and always have been breathing. An expression of DUHHHH occurs within me when realizing this…it has always been infront of my face, but I did not see it.

So now I have a different applicaton and realization of breath, so I am going to apply this within work as I have not been able to move past this `forgetfulness` of breath within work as I have used the words…I have forgotten to breath….when really I forgot that I was breathing.

Thank you Marlen

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