Friday, March 11, 2011

Remebering Breath

Mar 10th 10:21pm

Remembering breath

So hw do I remember that I am breathing. How do I realize myself breathing in each moment. So When I lose recognition of myself breathing I am thinking about what to do. I lose sight of the natural breath. I just lost sight there, and it I am not directive in that moment. I access my mind and look for something that will stimulate it. So no I do not create breath, I am not responsible for it, but I am responsible for myself within breathing, I create myself within breathing, through breathing. So in that moment I was accessing myself within the mind and looking for a stimulation point, and these stimulation points are what I distract myself from breathing within. Interesting that when I distract myself I am not aware of myself distracting myself. Only until I do not get any stimulation do I come out of the possession. When I cannot find what I am looking for I stop the search. Ok cool so searching is always outside of self, and I will constantly look outside of myself for stimulation until I do not find it. Why does the outside stimulate, where did I learn to stimulate myself through separation? Why does stimulation occur in separation. Why are we not stimulated by breath. Simply because it is all mind and mind was created in separation so it is kept itself alive within separation as separation allows it to continue, it deviloped a way to keep itself stimulated to keep it going. So I place myself within myself without stimulation and I become awake. I become much more awake that I have been in the previous moment. So obviously stimulation keeps the mind active and `awake`. So if All of this is through/as the mind where and how am I? I am here within/as the body within/as breath. I am here infinitely. A mind is only a distraction point, a point that I do not realize the traction I have here within the physical. It keeps me distracted from my self here. So I am the traction here within/as the physical. I am here within/as the physical. The mind is all an illusion. I use it and keep it going to delude me from being here as the physical. I dis-tract myself from the physical traction, which is the feeling, the touch t-ouch that I am. Breath is when I realize that I am feeling, that I am touching in every moment, and in every moment I am breathing, and only when I think, use my mind do I forget, dis-tract myself from here.

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