Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Looking at Money

Mar 8th 2011 4:22am

Human Trafficking is 20 billion dollar industry. There is money to be made off of the trafficking of humans…why? Since human labour is how things are created in this world and companies spend money on labour, the cheaper labour one can create the `better` for the company but really it is only better for money…so yes money is simply the root of all evil, well it is really Us, it is our desire it is our want for more money, money does not abuse, we abuse through money. We are disgusting.

Yoplait is giving away 1 million cups of yogurt…to whom? The rich, the people that have money…no fucking way those cups would go to the hungry and poor because they have no money anyways. They will not give away those cups to the poor, to the hungry because they will not be able to buy more. They are going to give it away ot the rich to promote their product, to people that have money to buy food, to people that already have food in the fridge to sell their product…to see if their product makes the cut of the desires of the rich, because that is the only way the company will prosper. They give it to the rich because the rich have the money to support the company, nothing in this world is ever catered for the poor, except for charity, which does not help the poop…only prolongs their situation…prolongs the suffering. So why is all of this done? Because of the want to survive and the want to have more wants which is an infinite loop and the poor cannot give more wants as they have no money to `give`…products of the system.

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