Saturday, February 12, 2011

Zeitgeist Movement and an Equal Money System

There seems to be a war going on between the Venus Project/Zeitgeist Movement/Resource Based Economy and an Equal Money system. Now I do not know much about the Venus project, but from my understanding they use the idea of technological breakthroughs and removing money as the source of evil to create these perfect world. Now The example I am going to use is GAP and child abuse. So a while back GAP `found out` that some of their factories were using child Labour. What they did with the clothing that was produced by children was burn it. They decided to burn the clothing, burning the evidence, not taking responsibility, wanting to just put it past them and turn it into ashes. Wanting to ignore it. That is exactly what they did. There was a comment on this article saying that they could have taken responsibility for this – sold the clothes = used them, and given 100% of the proceeds to the children who have to work to support themselves. So I am relating this fact to the zeitgeist movement. The zeitgeist movement wants to completely disregard and ignore the fact that we are responsible for this monetary/capitalistic system, and to hope that the abuse will never happen again.

The Equal Money system will be the fact that never existed before. It will change the equation. The equation that we currently are is not taking responsibility for what we have created. Taking responsibility for what we have created as ourselves has never existed. The Equal Money system changes the equation entirely. It is the fact of selling the clothes and taking responsibility and using Money to support the children – something that has never existed. It doesn’t hope for a better world it takes responsibility for creating a better world by taking responsibility for the current world as ourselves. An equal money system completely changes the equation that is within and as us, as a system designed program. No hope no Faith – Responsibility for the creation and then re-creating something better and something that will support all live immediately.

The Venus project is only thinking about `first world nations`, what the fuck is going to happen to the villages in Africa, or how the fuck is all this technology going to solve the fact that favellas exist in Brazil. The venus project is not thinking or considering ALL life, where the Equal money system takes on the fact that controls the world currently = money. Giving money to all equally solves the inequality within this world, as money is the sole contributor to this inequality….well We are first and foremost, and the money system is the result of our own inequality unto ourselves.

Simply, support an equal money system as it looks at the reality of the situation, the venus project supports hope, faith, belief, and an idea or bliss…That shit has been around for ages and everything is the same…Taking responsibility for ourselves hasn’t and in an Equal money system responsibility for ourselves is a must.

The Venus project does not deal with the human in fact, it tries to ignore that we are responsible for creating this system, it tries to burn money when we need to purge ourselves of the shit that created this system in the first place.

If humanity decides to move with the zeitgeist movement, most likely things will not change and hell will only compound on this Earth for every being. If humanity decides to go with an Equal Money system then we have a chance at fixing the Hell on Earth. Investigate wisely Humanity.

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