Monday, February 28, 2011

Money `Woes`

Feb 28th 2011 4:12am

I woke up this morning at my moms house made a cup of coffee and thought I do not want to use all of these beans because of the money, because of their monetary value. Not because there would be no beans left…there is another type of coffee aswell but because of the money involved. I thought that I did not want to use as much beans as I normally would because it is not my money. As well I am driving to work today in her car, and the thought that has occurred before is I hope I do not get into an accident not for my health but because of the money that I would pay. Fucked up. Shows that I am placing still more value on money than life. Shows that money has become more valuable than life as it currently provides life. If I were to get into a car accident living would be much harder then dying. My mom doesn’t work right now and is in the process of going back so everything would come out of my pocket. And that would lead me to use a good chunk of my money towards that. In which my living application would then diminish and I would have to be incredibly frugal with my money. Anyways that is hypothetical.

It is unfortunate where we place money over life. Money over health. Money over the fact of our existence. Now this has gone into excessiveness where people now degrade life, butcher life, maim life, annihilate life, all in the name of money. We have started to deceive others, deceive ourselves all for the name of money, all for energy. These are more than fucked up things that we have done. We have disregarded life for the fact of value within the form of money. We have disregarded ourselves for the fa(c)t of money and greed. This world is dangerous if one does not control their reality, and if one does not have money! Now all of the people who do not have money, their problems are exponential to my thought. They must worry about getting sick, about food, about shelter, and staying warm, it is more than fucked up what we have created.

On the news there was a `story` of police handing out blankets to homeless because it was cold outside. This should be done aside from the fact of it being cold. It should be provided no matter what to people who do not have money, it was obviously doable within that moment so it could have been done in many moments and should have been aside from there being a catalyst of it being cold outside.

I am equally responsible for all of this through the `simple` at of thinking about money over health. This had gone on for far too long and it NEEDS to be stopped. Support an Equal money system for a better life for all living beings.

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