Thursday, February 3, 2011

Money Point

I looked into how I use money. I use money sparingly. I do ot spend much money. I limit how much I spend, I do not allow myself to spend meaninglessly, meaning a $1.50 surcharge for taking out my money is meaningless. I try and save every penny...try because I cannot. I spend money only when I NEED to. I hold out until I have to use money. I believe that money is supporting my life and that the more I have then the longer I can support myself. This is as Quantity vs Quality point within me. I value the Quantity more than the Quality. The longer my life rather than how I live my life. This must come from how I have grown up. I see that me living empoverished for my childhood would place me in a different situation. I would understand what it means to not have quality and place my value system differently. The problem is that I am valuing more than the other where if I value them equally then my goal is to have a long and healthy life rather than only a long life or only a healthy life.

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