Thursday, February 3, 2011

Job Manipulation and politics

Everytime I have worked at a place I am always interested what goes on behind the scenes. Being allowed into the `backroom` is quite interesting. I have found out what goes on in the job and the manipulation of it all. So today at work the manager of the store was talking about how we need cannot let people know about the sale starting tomorrow because it will reduce the profits today. Also we need to ask for customer's email addresses because it is important for some reason. She suggests to manipulate them with guilt by saying the word please. Can I have your email please? Instead of can I have your email. Obviously there is a difference there but it is the whole point of purposeful manipulation to get profit.

Walking around the store doing my job I find myself talking to people more and talknig to them as customers, trying to use my words to decieve them to get them to buy shit. I didn't see them equal to me. I saw them less than me through knowledge and information. I had the `backroom` knowledge and they did not. I was `more` than them for having that knowledge. This was all manipulation on our part to try and make a profit We are all in this together!

I related this to politics as politics is also a JOB. They have `backroom` knowlege that we do not have. And are trying to manipulate the populous into falling into the agenda which is most likely more money for them. So blaming politicians for the manipulation existent in the world. I am responsible for the manipulation as I have manipulated, as I have accepted and allowed myself to value knowledge and other people not having that knowledge I have valued less than. I am responsible for accepting and allowing manipulation and thus corruption to exist in this world simply by participating in it at my job. This will not continue simple and plain

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