Monday, November 22, 2010

Facing self and Standing up!

So 2 things I want to cover 1 an equal money system and the book that I am reading. 2 Facing the point that I have shared now and moved past.

I am going to start with the point that I have removed fro mmy past. So 2 days ago there was a point that was brought up of my past sexual experience with a friend. I was completely scared to share this point so I kenw that I must, I had deep regret, embarassment and disgust for myself for this point that I have been holding onto and now I have let it go. So I wrote about it on the desteni forum and applied self-forgiveness for my emotions and feelings associated with the event. So I added him on facebook and talked to him. I brought up the point although there was some initial resistance. I needed to know that he has moved past it, or I would feel guilty about bringing that upon him and I would take responsibility for it. So I brought it up and it wasn't just a get in get out conversation, because it has been like that before, I held that topic for a while explaining myself so that I could not shy away from it any longer. He has moved past it, and now I can let that go knowing that he has moved past it, because I would still hold onto it within guilt if he had not. feels relieving to release it.

And the book that I am reading. It is called Capitalism's Achilles Heel. Great book. The author has been in a lot of corruption in the past few decades and knows a lot of corruption scandles and illegal money systems. The first chapter is to how to create your own false money, through dummy corporations, through mis-pricing, through Private investment companies, Through something called kickbacks, which are just incentives to give a company the deal...For example a company wants some Computers, The heads of the company both know eachother, and are `friends`. The company buying the computers will add an extra 15% onto the price for, service fees or for things like `being a good company`=something along the lines of that bullshit. That extra 15% will get wired to a offshore bank account with a low taxation and then the individual will get rich using company money. And the same can be done back and forth and usually are. What is interesting is that he has named almost everybank in the world being involved in illegal money handling. And that shows me that banks are the worst institutions around, most likely because they have the power of the money and the people who use banks to support their illegal trades will give a kickback to the CEO of a bank as well as other people of power. As well as pure bullshit! He gives an example of selling a bunch of comfortors with a thread count of 400 when actually being described and recorded for 250=being a lower quality. Therefore the difference in the money...My understanding is that a company pays for a 400 thread count product, recieves 250 and the extra money goes to the head of the company that sold it, so the difference goes to the President or CEO of someother motherfucker. What I really like about this author is that he recognizes the state of this world and he recognizes the consequence of dirty money. He knows that dirty money being supported is money taken away from countries' development and a dignant lifestyle for its people. He gives an example of Nigeria...I am running this off my memory which is not completly reliable, A president in the late 80's to early 90's extored in one year 2.5 times the GDP of Nigeria. So he made 2.5 times more money than the entire nation of Nigeria. Now this money could have gone to its citizens, it could have provided a much better life for them, but this fucker had to be greedy with the money, and the fucked up thing is that this system allows it, it allows this complete corruption of the world for a single few to live in wealth while a lot more live in poverty and worry about their ability to exist on a day to day basis.      A lot of money is transferred through illegal trades. Dirty money is abundant and forever increasing. Because of the pyramis of money, Wholesalers sell it to dealers and the dealers make more money than they bought it for, increasing the money within illegal trades and corruption. Politicians are just as involved, their `crime` might be considered white collar but they still support the drug trade, they support dirty money.They are just as corrupt as any other person using abuse to make money.    

Equal money will solve this shit, it will no longer be in existance, because it will stop where it is needed. Prostution exists because they need money to survive and are often lured into prostitution by being offered different jobs and being basically kidnapped and forced into it. Equal money will solve this because people will no longer be searching for a way to make money, because they will already have the money provided to them that they need to live. Drugs will no longer exist, because the people who transport it are unwilling for the most part and are doing it for the money. Equal money has the same affect on them as well, It has the same affect on the entire world. No greed will exist, No more working for something that you do not want to work for, Only working for what you want to do for this world and yourself.

Support an Equal money system

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