Monday, November 22, 2010

Equal money system and Abuse

Ok so the Vanguard series is amazing. I have watched videos on extacy, cocaine, prison, oxy contin, tamil tigers and sri lanka. All these videos revolve around the topic of money. Money and religion and the religion is superiority contructs. It is meaningless assault and death on eachother and it is unacceptable...completely! Now I will start with the extacy trees. The workers have to drag massive metal barrels through dense forest and set up camp. It seems like very hard work. And They are aswell destroying the environment making the trees extinct as well as some of the animals...This is unacceptable as well. They set up camp and hunt and forge and chop down trees and do all that. They know what they do is illegal, and they know that they are being hunted in a sense. Now Usually I would define them as bad people as they have other options, but this is deception and I am not looking at the entire picture. I forgive myself for not accepting and allowing myself to use the equality equation of 1+1=2 to look at the physical and see what and how things really are. They need to do this for money. A man in the cocaine video said it the best...A job can pay me 15 euros a day and then a man can come to me and say I can get you paid 100 euros an hour WHICH WOULD YOU TAKE? Me to feed myself and possibly a family would take the job of 100 euros. This is fucked up when harming life has more value then another job. And this is bullshit too that we allow the value of money to compete and interfere with the value of our lives, to value of necessities to eat, to have shelter, to have clothing. Fuck they have these options anyone and everyone will take this job. It is impossible to not when money is the key solution. I mean sure they can take that 15 euro a day job and live off of that but will it be enough? If not then illegality becomes involved. Equal money will solve all of this!!!! When everyone is supported equally as life for living to live, then none of this is necessity and we will actually have choice. Since we will be supported from life to death we will choose what to support with ourselves. Now if that person were to not need money to live then he would have the choice on what he wants to support, Would he choose to support drugs? Maybe but for me I would not because they do end up killing people and I would be directly supporting murder. I do not stand for that what so ever! With an EMS everything becomes questionable, removable, and not true choice exists, and what will inevitable exist will be what is best for all. Because no one will support anything that will harm others because truly we do care, but for money when we have to survive we end up doing whatever we can to survive, and this fear manifests self-interest absolutely. We end up not giving a fuck about our neighbour, especially when we are constantly worried about our living conditions and ability to live. Without money we cannot live. Money is our support for life and to spread it equally WHICH IS FUCKING SIMPLE! All life will be supported. Like oxygen, it is everywhere equally, for any and all life to live off of it, to support life, and since money is our support we must spread it around equally or give it to all equally—Thank you Matti for that explanation. No one will be the giver, we will all be getting. No one will have control of the spread of money, we will all be the control, as if one needs more to live off of, we all will need more to live off of. The flat rate that is given to us will all be equal. No less No more for anybody no matter title, job, `respect`, or speciality. Because none of that will be relevant in an Equality system, we wil all be equal, we will all have the ability to become doctors, or farmers, and they will all be equally valued because without one it compensates the entire livelihood of man. Now a lawyer will not exist because lawyers lie their ass off totry and `win` a case to get money to support themselves, whether it is moral or immoral, if they are supporting an abuser then there is no questioning what the outcome will be, there will be no defense of an abuser, responsibility will be taken. Now for the people that pay. They will not have power at all either. They will be equal to the people that they pay/enslave. They will have no point of influence over anyone else anylonger and if they continue to abuse then they will be dealt with accordingly, and I spelt dealth meaning that if they support death then they will die...That is my view but an eye for an eye will make us all blind. To look at it in equality if I were in the murderer’s shoes I would not care if I lived or died and actually living would be greater torture then death. So they will not be killed for killing, that solves nothing. It only supports a cycle that will not support all life. What will be done is that they will be isolated and re-educated—Thank you Bernard for that insight. I suppose I am writing this to understand the system for see how I understand the system. Now sports will exist but there will be not trophies or prises or rewards or belief of superiority for `winning`. The game will exist to be played, there will be no more defined winner or loser, there will only be players and the game. Take chess for example the goal of the game is to trap a king so that it cannot move without being `removed`, now that is all the will exist, the goal and the players, the goal that exists within and as the game, there will be no winner or loser. The goal will be the goal, winning will no longer be the goal, to play the game within the rules for and as self-expression will be the goal. There will be no more pride or sadness within winning or losing, that does not support equality, when playing as definitions right now applied to an equal sporting system, the winner and the loser will enjoy the game equally because there will be no projection or hope to win, there will only be playing the game, and if the game is fun and equally matched where it is a `tough` game then I am sure both will enjoy it equally. My experience...I went to a hockey game and one team was scoring a lot more goals on the other team and I found it boring, because there was no competition, there was no `challenge`. I mean sure the team that won would probably feel somewhat happy, but if the game were to be `tight matched` and equal within skill, then everyone enjoys the game because it is just fun to experience a match that is undecided or perceivable undecided. The game that I watched I knew the outcome so there was no point to continue to watch or keep attentive to it. Ok I think I may have made a mistake in my understanding. Even though one team may be scoring a lot more goals than the other team in an equality sporting system, the goal still exists, to score a goal or to achieve something, I mean if one team is scoring a lot more goals, then so what...that goal still exists and it can still be entertaining and fun to experience because winning is no objective, it is to score a goal, it is not to obtain more goals than the other team, it is to just score a goal. And when one team is scoring much more then the other, the only thing that will make it boring is the projection of a `win`. So looking at sports equally the same rules can stay but the reward system and superiority system will be removed and the winning losing system will be removed. Ok so that is my understanding of an equality system. Oh information should be equally accessible. News, information, education those are necessities. Entertainment is not, but the labour system works perfectly for that. Ok so for me... an equal labour system. An equal labour system is where one as a child learns a trade/skill that one is genuinely interested in. Money will not be a leading factor at all. That is what most people enter jobs for right now—the amount of money associated with the job, if someone really want to become a doctor then go for it they will genuinely want to help and assist people with their health, they will not do that for money, which is the end allows corruption to exist—if done for money. So an equal labour system will support self expression within and as self. Greed will no longer exist, there will be no need for greed because people will get what they need and not need to work for it, and greed cannot exist because no ONE will have power over the distribution of the money, all will have that power, that power being life, the necessity of life will be the power. So as far as I am concerned equal money will solve all problems. Protitution will not longer exist, drugs will not exist unless they are out of self-expression which would be absolutely interesting to see. Alcohol will definitely not exist, because that is honestly the worst drug right now because it is legal and you can get far too fucked up on it. It has all the same life ruining qualities as any other drug and should be banned right now but WHAT DO YOU K?NO!! money is in the backround, money fro m alcohol purchases supports the governments and do you think they want to part with that money??? Nope, because they people at the top are corrupt and they make personal money off of it. So there will be no governments in an EMS, there will be no points of power. There will be no positions of power. Because power implies control. And no one wil have control at all. All people will control the outcome in what is best for all.

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