Thursday, May 7, 2009

For The Masses

So We have been Constantly forgetting that we are lives mostly due to the fact that we are thinknig about munny constantly. WE focus on our jobs or houses or so to speak Lives>! WE are submitting to money even though we don't like having to participate in it, The only ones who enjoy money are the rich. YEs it is luxiourious and comfortable to have what we have but at what expense.? Yourselves, What did you think of then? Your body or what you define as life? What Im saying is jsut stop right now, Leave let be/Stop and Drop Everything and no more money trouble, so no more property ownershit, and all other possessional status that you have with anything else. When there is no electricity items that we put some worth to become valueless, when theres no more care of whom it belongs to. Live freely from anything that we have dfined as stresses or worries or cares, still care for the people around you and live free from judgment from people around you for minor insecurities about themselves, Why people are racial has nothing to do with the fact that the others are different than them It has to do with the fact that they are insecure with something within himself. So Yes I Understand that with all these masses of people some must die Un fortuneatly yes. But Why We Fear death is only Because We don't Understand Death. And To Understand Death Isnt't that hard just an opened mind and clear perception of what you see. If your free from any preconceived Belief of how things are and came to be then take a look at desteniproductions on youtube and just watch and listen to see if you find truth in what exists in the words spoken. And Then you can understand Death. Hopefully with knowledge of death you no longer fear it, But just to exist as it because death does not exist seperately from you! Its inevitable that we die so why worry about it, yes it may hurt or be unpleasent in some way but fuck its not like if you avoid that pain now to never feel what ever death is going to feel like. So Again Stop Dead Right NOW! And Spread the message of True freedom! No More possessions and Use common Sense to Judge how you best would live within the enviroment that we currently have but only if All that we currently have here is unoperated. I would say Start Grabbing fruit from the Grocerey stop but not franticly and planting them wherever they can be, and dont worry about "oh maybe ill die before this try grows to riping" but know that you in time created better survival for what ever is left and what ever there will be when you die. sO Will you?

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