Wednesday, April 25, 2012

When I Fainted In Class

I was in grade 8 at the time of the incident, making me 14. I had been drinking excessive amounts of liquids. I would drink a litre carton of juice in 15 minutes and pee it out in the next 15 minutes. The thirst that I has was unquenchable, and I tried fucking hard to quench it. My family first noticed this when I was out for dinner with my father. I told him that evening that I had been incredibly thirsty for quite some time so I would like a large drink. Usually I would never finish my drink when going out on the weekly dinner with my father, but this time it was the first thing I finished. We went driving around for a bit and I asked if I could get some water went to a coffee place and got a cup of water that tasted like it had coffee in it. I didn't care though I drank that as fast as I could, to which he replied "Wow you really are thirsty today". Nothing was questioned in this moment, all I knew is that I was incredibly thirsty and peeing a lot. This was, of course, a major difference in my body function and at that time I was assuming that it would eventually go away, which it did not. This thirst lasted for, from what I can remember a bit over a week, until I fainted in class, when my world changed.

That day we were dong a morning exercise, that we had recently set up as a class, to get our bodies flowing in the morning. I pushed myself quite hard in the physical exercise as I have always done with physical activity. We then were in the cool down period, standing breathing, taking a rest, so that out heart rates would calm down appropriately. I was standing against the blackboard with my friend next to me, and all I remember is black going limp and then waking up on the floor with everyone in a circle around me. Through stories shared by my friends, I leaned on my friend who I was standing beside, whom was quite a large fellow…possibly I thought that he will be able to handle me as I went unconscious into blackland. During this my other friend started to yell "Woah, WOah, WOAH!," as he watched my body collapse onto my one friend. Then I woke up, was a bit dizzy then got up and felt fine after 10 or so minutes. I had no consideration if anything was wrong with my body, I felt fine so I assumed everything with me was fine. Later that day I went and got blood work done, needle in blood comes out into tubes and off I go. Little did I know that my life from then on would involve needles on a daily basis. I went home after that and was still drinking a large amount of liquids. I have a specific memory of my feet being propped up on a desk watching television with a carton of juice to my side and a bag of cinnamon hearts in my lap, getting up every half hour to take a piss.

To my knowledge everything was fine, I was only drinking lots and having to pee out lots. I was still functional, I was still breathing, I was still alive and that’s all I considered. That was the problem that lead to all this, I did not consider my human physical body at all. I did not consider what I was putting into my body, I liked sugar and that’s all I cared for, I liked eating what I wanted, when I wanted, that's all I cared for. I did not consider that my human physical body is life itself, I did not consider that this physical reality has manifested consequences through actions, I did not consider that what I put into my body and what I did with my body had a lifelong effect. I did not consider that my human physical body can be fragile to what I put in it, I did not consider that all the candy that I was eating was having a detrimental effect on my life, I did not consider myself as life in fact. So that night I ate 2 pepperettes before bed, went to sleep feeling fine to my consideration.

The next thing that happens; I am woken by my sister telling me that there is a cop at the door for me.

I will continue in the next blog.

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  1. oh shit, can wait to continue reading this story.