Friday, April 27, 2012

The Ambulance Ride

My sister  wakes me up at 3 in the morning telling me that there is a police officer at the door. In my childhood, I was a little shit sometimes, so I quickly check if there was anything wrong that I have done recently that would involve the cops. I don't see any reason for them to be there regards to my `bad` actions, so I put on pants and walk confidently down the stairs to see what was going on. The police officer says that I must come with him to the hospital and that was all that was said to me. I wasn't informed of what was exactly going on. I knew it was a big deal because this was far out of the pattern of my routine life, but I could not figure out exactly why this situation was presenting itself. I walk upstairs put a shirt on, walk out the door to see an ambulance sitting in the driveway with its lights flashing. My initial reaction was of shock. I thought that I would be traveling with the cop, never considering that an ambulance was sent to the house as well. I walk into the ambulance alone, while my mother and sister follow in the cop car, sit down on the uncomfortable seat being told to buckle up…not understanding that I would have to buckle up for the remainder of my life, riding the ups and downs of my blood glucose levels.

In the ambulance the paramedics were asking me questions: "Did you eat anything before you went to bed" "2 pepperettes" I told them as they were taking blood from my finger and placing it on a machine. They wait a bit and the one says to the other "He is still at 32", ignoring the fact that I am there to. By the way I still had no idea what the fuck was actually happening , so for a note to paramedics who may read this who may be in a similar situation, EXPLAIN what is going on to the patient instead of leaving them guessing for the entire time allowing fears and ideas and beliefs pop up in their heads. As they said that I was still 32, in my mind I was hoping that I was supposed to be at 27, in hopes that I was not as fucked as the situation presented itself to be. To calm my fears I start small talk with them, like why can they not wear seatbelts but I have to? Was eating pepperettes a bad thing? I did not want to be in that situation at all. I wanted to carry on with my life ignorantly of anything, not having to deal with reality as shown in my previous blog, where I did not consider the reality of the physical body and the effects my eating habits were having on the body. The paramedics and I sit in silence for the remainder of the ride.

When we get to the hospital, I sit in the ambulance while we wait for the patient ahead of us in the ambulance queue to be processed. This gives me time to mull over thoughts in my head about what exactly is going on. There is a lot of fear within me, but I have placed trust within the paramedics, believing that they know how to take care of me, which helps suppress the fear a bit. I get out of the ambulance and meet up with my sister and mother before the hospital entrance. With a minimal understanding of what is going on we walk straight into the ER. We walk past the front desk where the nurses and doctors are stationed, and as I walk pass the doctor was in surprise that I was walking on my own two feet. She expected me to be unconscious in a diabetic coma telling me that when I got my blood tested that afternoon I was up at 57…later I find out that my cousin, who is also type 1, was carried into the hospital in my uncles arms unconscious when she had a similar ordeal. After I walk in I am lead to a room in the ER, laid down on a bed and was hooked up to an IV to give me the necessary help to help calm my sugars and restore my body to the normal functions of the body. As I laid there I wasn't aware that that night was the first night of being a diabetic for the rest of my life.

For others who may go through similar processes, ask what is going on, if you are unaware of the situation ask questions until you understand. Surprisingly children are quite intelligent despite what adults may perceive them to be, so explain to them what is going on, they will understand.  I will blog about how sport and my sugar intake as a kid assisted in the development of type 1 diabetes.

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