Monday, April 23, 2012

Desteni Farm and the Equal Labour System

Here on the desteni farm we all work together to get something done in order to improve the farm. In work at home I am only working in existing or myself because the job that I do is only for me, my money and my survival. Here it is not about survival it is about what is best for all, we have to labour for the best for the gardens, plants, animals, structures, humans, all life here that we deal with.

There is no profit motive for us to work. There is an understanding that if we don’t work then the farm here will be infested with weeds, the horses would not have enough food, the animals would be angry at us for not taking care of them, the plants would die out, not being able to provide food, the structures would start to crumble, it must be upkept. In this understanding we work together to maintain the place in which we all live and create it as a place that we all enjoy living within. We put in a collective effort to maintain and develop the farm. The girls work with the garden and plants, where the boys will work with the heavy labour, in this the boys build a garden and the girls will plant all the plants, both working collectively and both share in the rewards of the food grown or shelter built etcetera.

In comparison to my job where I work to survive within the matrix of the world, it can be argued that we all work collectively to get the job done but this is not in fact so. We don’t collectively agree to take a certain job because of a `fair` distribution of jobs, but we take them because they provide us the most money. In that we are actually fighting eachother, not working in agreement to work for the collective of the workforce. As well the job is based on a percentage rate, and the higher percentage you get above a base percentage the more money you get, so we all decide to fuck each other over because we are working in order to survive, not working in collective to get the job done, but always in competition with each other, which leads to extreme stress at times. For example at an office job and there is a promotion coming up and you and another have the opportunity to get the promotion, we stress ourselves out in order to get the promotion to receive more money, so that we can `live` a `better` life. Taking that into consideration, here we are working together so that we all live a better life, where in my job we all compete so that only a few can live a better life, which is not in consideration of what is best for all

The amount of work that we get done is phenomenal. Here we can see the results at the end of the day. We see the garden that has been rotovated, and we see the amount of work that has been put in, and with only 8 guys we have gotten more done with physical results than I have ever participated in. We all have specific jobs, same as the capitalistic system, that we work on and in the end bring it all together so that a project is finished for the whole of the farm. In the capitalistic system we all have specific jobs that we all participate in and in the end we do not benefit the whole but in fact destroy the whole through separation within/as our own greed of money and the necessity to survive in competition with others…simply look at the world and how it’s path is heading and you can see that we are in fact destroying the whole instead of working in agreement within equality and oneness that in fact support the whole to live within the best possible living standards/conditions that is possible in any given moment.

This is equal to how the Equal Money Labour system will work within the Equal Money System, Not working for Profit but for the consideration of the whole, because our living need will be met, thus we need no more than what we have, and when I say need, it is NOT bare minimum needs but a car, a computer, an internet connection, all that one in fact needs in this world. The only thing that is left is to work in agreement to maintain and expand ourselves within/as this world to make all life here expand equal and one with us as we expand when working together, for example in places where there is no infrastructure the motivation is not money but the need for infrastructure, thus the more people work on and agree that infrastructure is needed, the faster it will be developed. It is all based on the needs for people and self. In this all life here works together to make this world the best place in equality and oneness, not in separation from ourselves as our neighbours in how we are existing now. The Equal Labour system will in fact be enjoyable and one is allowed to work at one’s own pace without stress of having to survive within working, the job that needs to get done will get done through the collective participation in all that do in fact participate in it. For example my back has been an issue from working my job. When I got here, started working and felt back pain, they told me not to push myself because then I would compromise myself for the rest of the week/month. In my job I am still required to hit standards whether or not it compromises myself or not I am still expected to hit my standards and this is where the stress can come in as well, and we are all susceptible to this. Where in the Equal Labour System there is no need for profit on the whole so those who `employ` will have the best interest of the `employees` always in consideration without waver. This is why we must implement the Equal Money System, so that we are able to work together, but we also must stop the competition within ourselves, here we are working within a capitalistic system but we are not in competition with each other, we are working for the whole, not individual selves. Visit, read the material, participate in the discussions and share your vote.


  1. Who does the land belong to . Whose name are the title deeds in.

    "We met Sunette and Sunette started working and eventually she didn’t have a place to stay. And so we said: “Ok we have a room available,” says okay, “come and stay there.” And so we… She had no idea about anything and she was introduced to the Tarot cards, the Osho cards. ‘Cause that’s what we played with. But essentially, you know we ran business, so we worked. And then, on weekends and so, especially, we would do demons. Now, where we as support the demons. " - quote from

    So infact you are working for your right to stay there.

    Your equal money system will just not work. You are part of the destini business plan. Do you plan to open the doors of the farm to all those poor people whose pictures you so often use in your marketing.

    It is actually the gypsies and vagabonds who are closer to "equal and one" than the destini business pyramid.

    Would it not be better if you went out to the war torn countries (which you so often use in your marketing material) and work in the shit there.

    1. Understand that we still exist within the capitalistic system. We must generate money for the political movement to exist. In politics one must have a set amount of money to vote, the upkeep here at the farm costs money so YES we must generate money, but understand what the money is in fact going to. It is going to people who will actually consider the staving beings in this world, the farm cannot hold all starving people, thus we change the possibility of starving through changing the money system. Desteni is not able to help each individual on this Planet, that idea is impractical, but we can assist those that are willing to stand for all LIFE on this planet to stand infinitely in realizing that we are all equal on this Earth, and stand for a change to the abusive inequality that we live in today.

      Going to a war torn country is impractical, what can be done to assist people there? Not much if anything. We have established ourselves to assist people in seeing beyond pre-programming in beliefs of this is how life is and is supposed to be, then make a stand for the best life possible, which all revolves around money.

      No I work because it is needed to be done. Everything in this world is in fact created through physical labour. Physical labour must be done to maintain this world, but we are not doing so within the best interest of all, but out of self-interest due to the monetary system.