Monday, February 6, 2012

2012 Programmed Humans

In the documentary Century of Self the first part outlines the works of Edward Bernays and how he is basically behind what we know today as consumerism or capitalism.

In the works of Freud, it is said that humans have a nature of violence or lashing out or an all-out hate towards each other. Governments feared this, attempting to come up with a solution that would not lead to a revolution or another civil war which is not good for the governments or the corporations in terms of being able to make money off of the populous. So what Bernays did was to develop the desires of man and direct them towards an object or an idea, thus effectively controlling man through controlling their desires, which in essence leads man in their ventures.

In the 30’s, 40’s and some of the 50’s, objects were sold through their functionality, their superior functionality was sold through the advertisements, boasting a better life than the competition or boasting better durability, or better quality in some form or another. This was not good for keeping the desires of man in control because in these advertisements the desire of the object was not supported or made, only the functionality of the object was supported, thus no desire was being created and thus the knowledgeable of Freud’s work realized that man was not being control and feared having them lash out in revolution.

Ads then became more about the want for the item because of this reason or that reason, it no longer became about  the quality or functionality of the item it became about creating the want for the item and not necessarily the need of the item. This was then to lead humans, attempting to suppress the negative animalistic nature that we are. What is interesting about this point is that the desire was there but it was undefined at the moment meaning we tell ourselves now that we need anti-acne cream, but who decided that we needed anti-acne cream, meaning that the desire was programmable and thus we are programmable as the desire, we are susceptible to what people tell us to what is influenced towards us and thus we are programmable.

No one said that we needed anti-acne cream or the phones or the movies or the entertainment, but we have accepted that as our desires , meaning we accepted and allowed ourselves to be programmed with these desires, showing that what and who we are is programmable. Take for example that it is not anti-acne cream, say it is a blade of grass, now if we were influenced that we absolutely needed that blade of grass, that that blade of grass would make our lives so much better than what they are currently, we would start to want that blade of grass and desire that blade of grass thus showing that we are programmable within/as desire.

Looking at the point from a larger scale, when we get into this world we are not programmed, it is only when we grow up in this system do we accept ourselves being told that we need these things that we have come to live and develop our world around. We become programmed into what makes us happy, thus some of us move towards appearance to make us happy and we diet ourselves and exercise, where others food makes them happy and they eat what they like, thus we decide on our programmed nature, and we are programmable.

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