Thursday, February 16, 2012

2012 How to Change Competition and Survival

While watching Frozen Planet a peculiar image struck me and that was of a penguin stealing another penguin’s rocks in order to build his own nest. What they do is build a nest out of available rocks in the artic, so that the females are enticed by their proposal to lay their eggs there. It is similar to owning property as a sign of value to a mate in the ritual that we play when looking for a mate. So while one penguin was going and gathering rocks, there was another penguin close by him, and each time the one who was gathering rocks left his nest, the other would walk up to its nest and steal the rocks and build his own nest with them.

This is quite similar to what we as humans do and is also quite deceptive and from the point of competition of finding a mate. We as well will stab others in the back so that we can survive in this world as well. Why this struck me is because I have been judging humanity for its actions as if they are the worst of the worst, but that simply is not the case. All Life on Earth is equal and one to humans and humans are equal and one to all life on Earth, thus any judgment is irrelevant. Penguins will steal from eachother so that they can find a mate and in that prolong their existence. People will steal and manipulate eachother so that they can gain money so that they can prolong their existence. So why live like this?

I don’t find this way of living cool at all. I mean why must we compete with others on this Earth in order to survive? Why can we not live with each other supporting each other to better each other. Only when the point of having to survive or fight for our survival on this planet is removed will that be within reach. Thus only when we don’t need to go out and forage for food (work for money) will we be able to consider our neighbours as our equals and assist them in life as well as ourselves equal and one. Thus only once an Equal money system is established will we be able to change indefinitely our course of nature and as a result change the course of nature of this world. We as humans are able to change our nature…simply through the choice of whether or not we want to mate is an example of how we can alter our nature, so why accept our nature the way it is, why not exist as a group supporting the group doing what is best for the group and thus best for self in all moments? Join Desteni, Support Equal money

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