Monday, October 3, 2011

Speculating on `God's` Existence

Speculation on God

On an online news site there has been quite a few articles on God and the possibility of it existing. Some of these articles challenge the Theory of Evolution, some provide scientific evidence on how a flaw is not a flaw within the design of the physical and how since the flaw is the best that can be for the part of the physical it is thus specifically placed/designed here in the physical due to some creator.

Within the comments section people as well refute this with further science and evidence and then we have a war based on the speculation of whether God exists or not.

Looking at this point = it is only speculation whether or not god exists the conversation and debate on whether or not god exists is irrelevant. What is relevant is that we are here = we are creating this world as an image and likeness of ourselves, it is not `god` creating this world, it is us. 

Having a conversation of possibilities is purposeless unless it is able to be directed, and the point of an existing god is not able to be directed as we are not able to find out whether or not there is a being `higher than us` actually in charge, thus we must look at what is here.

What is here is only ourselves, the only thing that exists on this Earth is ourselves. God is irrelevant in the equation of Earth as it is not on Earth that `God` exists, it is within our minds, it is within speculation, it is within a possibility that is neither able to be proved or disproved, therefore anything that pertains to `God` is irrelevant, so yes all religions that involve a god or deity is irrelevant to what is here on this Earth, it is irrelevant to HERE!

It is time to stop all religions as they only abdicate self-responsibility, which is fucking obvious as in Christianity all things that are are because of `God` thus we are not taking responsibility for creating THIS WORLD in the image and likeness of ourselves. Even within the speculation of god there CAN be NO directive possible, we cannot direct the situation as it can only be an idea, a speculation that exists within/as our minds, there can be no definitive proof or its existence or lack thereof, again thus religion is all about abdication of our responsibility as ourselves for making this world what it is and for fixing it into something that we can all enjoy as an expression of ourselves within/as the physical reality.

Thus with religion we are not taking responsibility for correcting ourselves as the mess/fuck up/catastrophe that is here on this Earth. It is to realize that we here are creating this mess as ourselves, and to take responsibility for fixing it, instead of placing the responsibility within a speculation = `God`. Placing responsibility in god is a laughable point existent within the human, it is completely fucking absurd.

Time to stop hoping for the possible existence of a god to possibly come and save our asses from our OWN demise, take responsibility for creating this world AS OURSELVES, change ourselves into living as we would like this world to be and re-create it as ourselves.

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