Sunday, June 12, 2011

My Experience in Vlogging and Blogging

June 11th 2011
My experience within vlogging and blogging as a mirrored reference of myself.
I experience vlogging and blogging enjoyable although I have been recently resisting writing and vlogging. When I write there is a sense of accomplishment. I feel lighter, I am not burdening myself so much with holding myself back within writing. Writing is an awesome tool of self-support. I am able to write out the points that I am going through and within writing I will write things out that I will not have considered within my thoughts. By doing so I am able to have a different perspective on the point that I am writing and am able to expand on the point that I didn’t allow myself to see within thoughts, which always seems to be a point of `significance`. Within writing I am able to place that point out of myself within the mind and take a look at it and write more about that point within self-honesty getting down to the point that I have hidden from myself within thinking. 

Writing has been an incredibly assisting tool. Instead of running through thoughts about what or what not to do I place it down in writing, and through that I am able to see clearer about what I am accepting and allowing myself to participate in, and as well it gets rids of a lot of confusion within my mind.

Vlogging is as well a very supportive tool. I am surprised at times at how well I can convey a point through words. It as well gives one an opportunity to see oneself physically moving through a point and to see how one will move through a point and if there is an effective communication point.

Through these tools I am able to see any progress I have made. These tools give me a physical reference to where I am and how I have moved. Writing and vlogging allows me to place myself within the physical and any points that I am working on in the physical. It gives me reference to myself whether or not I have expanded. This point is certainly important. Through the mind time is not equated one can jump incredibly within the mind with no times, I can at one point believe that I am doing well in expanding myself and then another moment I may believe that I have not expanded at all. This is obviously contradictory, where the physical is a reference `set in stone` it is an ACUTAL reference point for ones expansion or lack thereof.

So my experience within  writing and vlogging has been enjoyable and it allows me to take the time to move through words to effectively explain a point or see where I am not effective at explaining. It allows me to see physically where and how I am standing within my reality. It is an awesome reference point for me to see myself Clearly instead of within the mind within thoughts and beliefs of where/how I am within my reality.

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