Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Desteni NA Meeting

On the weekend was the Desteni North America meeting. My experience in this was unexpected. I did not expect the support, the friendship, the acceptance, the family like environment.
   So before the trip I was excited. I was excited to meet all of these people that I have known for a year, that I have seen walk their processes for a year and seen them move and expand themselves. When I landed at Houston Katie and I found Eachother, and we immediately hugged. I did not expect that as in society it is unheard of to hug pretty much a stranger as a greeting. We started talking and there was a single moment of I do not know what to say…only a moment that maybe lasted 3 seconds. After that moment we realized that yes we do know eachother, and started conversation from there that did not stop at all until we hit the car. I was able to communicate freely and opening and about things that interest me instead of the bullshit that is talked about in everyday life. I got to the house and met up with everyone there as well. Again there was an immediate welcoming, and no awkwardness only meeting the people that we have shared with for a few years now. It was awesome no judgment no hate, no uneasiness, there was welcoming, there was acceptance, and there was a family there.

Once I got there I settled in and I would usually feel a discomfort, a home sickness, like I do not know the place where I am in. I did not experience any home sickness I was comfortable with myself. There was a point within me that I was trying to hide and that was that I still smoked. So I was holding off on a cigarette longer than usual, but which I had to eventually bring out. So I brought it out and I thought that there would have been judgment or some kind of nagging but there was none at all. In fact all others shared their experiences within stopping smoking and how they experienced that exactly which was absolutely cool from my perspective.
When more people arrived again more hugs from everyone around welcoming all unconditionally. I would never expect something like this to happen. Only because of desteni we are capable of doing this. We share ourselves unconditionally over writing (blogs) and video (Vlogs) and within that we are sharing ourselves, so we end up knowing eachother intimately because we share ourselves entirely on an open forum which is the internet and we all come together for one purpose and that is because we all care about the state of the world, we all realize that the state of the world is fucked and that we must do something and that we alone cannot do anything so since we are in a group together and within the group sharing of ourselves in required we all start to know eachother intimate and thus a bond is formed between eachother. In Houston this bond became physical that we were all in the same place physically living together under one roof and within that since we all know eachother.

Points were brought up in Houston that we were all participating in, that we were all assisting and supporting eachother, there was a communication for the point all as one communicating the point to allow each of us to come to an understanding of the point. There was no ego involved of `I am right, and this is the way that it is` which happens in most discussions. There was a communicative understanding there of how to direct each point that came up. Living there together was simply as well, sleeping was all arranged and there were no conflicts whatsoever even with 15 or so people sleeping under the same roof.

During this meeting a realization occurred that we are all a family and a family that is not within the Family structure. Cameron Pointed out that if this were an actual family reunion it would have been a lot weirder because truly we do not know our familes we do not communicate regularily so we have no idea what is going on within their lives, what they are interested it, and there are no common standing grounds for a conversation. Yet at the meeting we all came together on the same standing ground which is life, and through this we were all able to share unconditionally and express ourselves without judgment. Desteni has become a family, a family that is nothing like the family structure that is here today. It is a family where each of us is allowed to move as ourselves, and will get assistance immediately unconditionally when asked.

All in all I fucking enjoyed it. Much learnt, much lived.


  1. Cool you all had such a wonderful time together :)

  2. thanks for sharing Paul! It was awesome- truly like a Real family meeting/reunion ought to be- no fighting, no judgments, everyone coming together as equals as life, so cool

  3. Cool Paul! I experienced the meeting the same.