Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Fallacy of Love

Love. I have witnessed many times people saying I love you to only hear it back. For the sole purpose of hearing it said back to them. I have heard someone repeat it because the other did not say it. I heard it said with that sole intention to hear it back I looove you. Showing that they are only saying it to hear it. I have experienced this with my father many times. And what is the purpose of this? Only self-interest. I have gone into and out of love, coming out with a realization that it doesn’t matter it is not real it does not last.

                Within love many people use this as an excuse to get what they want out of a relationship. Doesn’t need to be a sexual relationship it can also be one within family. I have before used the word love to entice my parents into giving something that I want. And that is what is always seems to boil down to = the essence of love = getting something you want. When using the word love I have always wanted something in return HA! And to say it is unconditional is a fucking lie. There exists no unconditional love in this world. Unconditional means under no conditions. Which love in this world is always existent on conditions, the conditions of how one feels at the current moment, and how well the other is treated, about how much one gets out of the relationship.
Within movies it is always hesitated about saying the words `I love you`. Then we go and act this out believing it to be valid somehow. This point here is because one is afraid that the other will not share the same feelings = wanting to get something in return. One seems to only say I love you to only have that returned and if not returned one gets emotional and yes the emotion love is ruined in that moment showing that there is no real love in that moment, only a want for self-interest revolving around having those same words said back.
From my experiences in love I have stopped saying I love you back to my parents, and they get emotional meaning negatively energized when I do not repeat those words back. This shows me that there is no unconditional love. Look at it...lets take the movie example. If one loves one unconditionally wouldn’t they just simply say it without the expectance or fear of it being said back, unconditionally, no. Unconditional would to be to say I love you in any moment, and to express it UNCONDITIONALLY. It would be simply said. If one feels it it would be said unconditionally.
 Love needs to be questioned in this world as it is a large motivator for humans, as it is the pinnacle of the positive experience. Everyone is searching for that `one` or that `perfect` someone, and this seems to be the driving force within relationships. Again all for SELF-interests of feeling that high. It is an addictive drug that controls. And that is as well how it is used = control. When the word love is used in most situations it is to control. It is a manipulative technique. Love is manipulative. My sister is a prime example. She has shared many stories of the past about me to me, where she would say if you love me you will do this, and within that moment I will do it. Again all out of her self-interest. If I did not do it she would get emotional, and fight me over it, trying to coax me into doing what she wanted me to do.    So Yes love absolutely needs to be questioned and it must exist out of self-honesty, meaning one looks honestly within themselves when they use the word love.   This is one aspect of love
Another aspect of love is to be evil to everyone else who shows harm and to only focus on ones minute existence. Children and Parents is a good example where the parent will, out of love, harm another for offending their child. For example there was a brawl at a children’s hockey game. A kid was being picked on by another kid, a dad jumped onto the rink and hit the kid, instigating a brawl between parents. This was out of love that one will `express` for their kids. Within this example it is obvious that love is not the actual definition that we have come to accept as love...well at least not me. So within this love is there to tunnel vision ones life to their immediate surroundings, to place concern/love to only within their own lives. Now this fact of love is dangerous as it is enslavement to the tee, where one only ends up focusing on our own miniscule lives. This is dangerous because thus then our care for humanity is disrupted, our consideration to what is happening to all life in this world is non existent. Any thought about life on this Earth and what it is going through is not considered through the infection that is love which causes one to focus on ones own minute existence. So again this proves that love is only there for ones own self-interest = interest in only what is in their immediate lives/reality, not considering all life equal and one as themselves = placing oneself in all other’s shoes considering if that is a life that they want for another as themselves. But nope love has become an infection in pursuit of one’s own happiness not considering the suffering going on on this Earth due to EVERYONES acceptance of the current system.
 So where is the love? Only within ones small minute existence. Love does not exist in ReALLity. In Reality love does not exist. The only love that would exist in this reality is to do what is best for all in each moment. And within that one must give up ones own self-interest = pursuit of love or happiness, and must get down into shit, do what they do not want to do, as it is what is best for all = pushing yourself to remove self-interests. That would be the only actual valid form of love that would exist in this reality as within that one is considering ALL within ReALLity. That would be Real Love. Doing what is best for all is to remove the current system from existing within and without, and implementing system where ALL are considered equally, an equality system. Since this world is moved within the use of money, we cannot just stop much more suffering would then exist, so to create an equally money system would be what is best for all as it is UNCONDITIONAL support for all here on this Earth no matter where geographically one is on this Earth, one will be supported with/through the application of `money`

So support an Equal Money System as `love` for all of this world = to do what is best for all.

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