Thursday, June 23, 2011

Life and Death + The In-Between

June 23, 2011
To understand life I look at death. I look at the end point of our existence to see what we are actually doing in the whole. I see that all we are doing is entertaining ourselves and then dying, while being subservient to the system. I was looking at a people working on their studies, and I see these people quite often at the library constantly focusing on their studies, so they are dedicated to it, and I apply their death to the equation. I see that what they are doing is only so that they are able to survive within the system effectively, they are working their asses of now so that in the future they can have enough money to support themselves, having a house, car, food, water, etc, all the necessities of life, only to die with all the `work` that they have put in in reality going nowhere, meaning that in death all their dedication and hard work for their lives will end up being worthless.

I looked at my mothers life as well, in terms of what she is participating in physically. She works 5 days a week and her work day is roughly 12 hours with getting ready in the morning and commuting, to which she comes home makes food, watches tv and then goes to bed, gets up in the morning to do it all over again. She has stopped drinking for just over a year, and when I looked at her life I told her to do stained glass as that is her hobby, because looking at her life it is dull, there is no enjoyment there, only service to the system, and entertaining herself to find a bit of enjoyment if that truly is enjoyment instead of ignoring her life…I told her to do stained glass because she does enjoy that and if she continues on her path her want for drinking is going to come back to her, and last weekend my sister told me that my mom had a drink. I asked her why and she said it is because her life is boring. Understandably so because anyone who is not completely ignorant of life will find it boring, because it is boring it is absolutely monotonous, day in day out doing the same shit over and over and over again. So adding death into the equation what is life really worth from the perspective of the system? It is not worth anything as the system will die eventually as it is engrained within the equation of the system, thus making our lives in which we are servicing the system purposeless. The only value in life would be life itself, the actual fact that we breathe and that we can and do experience ourselves in this physical reality, yet most of us are caught up in our minds to actually recognize that throughout our day, and entire lives we are breathing, we are here in the physical, and thus we do not take into consideration physicality whatsoever throughout our days/lives. We only take into consideration how much money we have, how to get food, how to make enough money so that we can provide ourselves with food, we only consider how we feel emotionally, we only consider the mental aspect of ourselves, absolutely disregarding the physical here as us, realizing ourselves here in the physical.

Life is not what life can be, it is certainly not an expression of ourselves within the physical reality…if it was we would have taken into consideration a long time ago what we are doing on this Earth, what we are doing TO this Earth as ourselves. And now through our lack of considering ourselves within the physical and how to live physically instead of systematically we have created our own extinction, we have killed the human race, well at least at the present it is quite probable that we have.

So add death into your equation of life to understand how and where you are heading within your life and where all life is heading and how ignorant we are of what is actually going on in this reality through only considering ourselves, and our own survival within the system, feeding ourselves unliveable information and then going to work day in and day out to make money as a means for us being able to feed, clothe, and shelter ourselves, which should be unconditionally given to all life, but it is only under the condition that you have money in your pocket.

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