Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Consequences of the Human = Extinction of Fish

June 21st 2011
The eurozone news has come out with a report noting that the marine life is being extinct at a rate where within a generation (80-100) years the coral reefs will be extinct. The rate at which they are dying in high…extremely high. This is news! The marine life feeds 1/5th of the population’s protein intake. So at the rate that they are dying there will be a massive epidemic food wise for all of us to face. The reasons? Carbon Dioxide, Over fishing, and pollution are the problems.

The coral reefs are a massive support system for the entire ocean. They support much life at the bottom of the food chain, and within the coral reefs that life at the bottom of the food chain is simply going to die, thus causing much more animals to starve to death etc etc. The pyramid food structure is going to suffer intensely through our actions. We have gone too far to turn back and correct things within a moment. I mean at this moment we must stop, but that simply is not going to happen as we have enslaved ourselves to the system that we have created a thus we have doomed ourselves. I mean it will take at least a generation at this stage to move through our current reliance on the resources we have within the current system that we are moving in. The solution is a new system but first we must forgive and let go of everything that we have currently created. But lets focus on what is here currently which is our demise as a species
Since the marine life is being heavily affected by our actions, it is going to cause a massive butterfly affect speading across the globe. We are not stopping or calming down our carbon output, we are only making it seems though. Like for example there was a news story about a coal plant who had to reduce their carbon did they do that? By buying a price of the rainforest to have under the companies name thus since trees absorb carbon dioxide it was a loop hole within the system, so we are not stopping anything, in fact we are progressing this shit further. China is progressing at a speed to which it will top out the States for highest GDP in about 10 years. 

This means that more must be produced within china thus more fuel must be used, more everything must be used there only exponentially increasing the problem. The oil, the pollution, the plastic that we are endlessly consuming and simply throwing out with no consideration of the consequences of our actions will take its toll on us and there are consequences whether or not we face them or not they will come to us through suffering or through us facing them, sitting down and working out a solution.

Looking at the extent of the problem we are fucked. We are not slowing down in any way. We are continuously moving forward with no regard ot what we are doing..we are sticking to what we know and that has been the current system that we have been following. We are not willing to change immediately for the benefit of all even if it means loving some bullshit we call money.  From looking at out application and reliance on money I do not see us moving in the direction that the scientists have proposed…we never have, we have only been loyal to our god money over and over. Fishing is suggested to create a massive overhaul of their methods, and to stop fishing as much…but looking at money, there are people that need to eat that fish on those boats…the more the catch the bigger their paycheck, so there is incentive to fish as much as possible. Creating a cap on fishing will limit the people from living as well as they do and I am sure that they will not accept that sitting down even though it is what is best for all. Unfortunately we only consider ourselves when considering our decisions, we do not consider the whole and the outcomes and the possibilities in terms of the whole, only consider our own miniscule lives.

This is for the fish life, but nonetheless all in connected on Earth, all is intertwined as life. We are all reliant on eachother for our survival. Each species relies on all others to maintain a sustainable existence, so the fact that marine life is facing an extinction that relates to the dinosaurs is significant, as this will affect all life here on this Earth. We have successfully destroyed this Earth, and ourselves. The one species to commit suicide.

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