Saturday, May 7, 2011

Families Living in Motels

May 6th 2011
I watched a documentary titles Orange County: The families in motels. This was about families who are living in motels due to a lack of money, the main focus point of this documentary was the children of the families. The oldest child that they interviewed was about 16, there were many others in the age range of 7-11. They followed these children around in their daily lives to show how their lives are.
These children are in a terrible position to grow up in. They go to a state funded school where there is only one teacher for the grades 2, 3, and 4. Many of them are affected by the environment that they grow up in. Living in motels there is much violence, gang influence and crime influence that they grow up around. They thus then act in ways that they see. Many of them become violent, become aggressive and angry, and turn to violence. They interviewed a young kid around the age of 8 who said that when he grew up he wanted to own a mansion and have thousands of dollars and own every type of gun in the world, which from my point of view the only way to attain that is to become a crime god, and like any other fantasy in this world it most likely be cut short and this kid will most likely end up in jail when he is older. They interviewed another kid around the age of 8 who started to steal from other kids what he wanted such as Ipods, clothes, and other materialistic items. Both of these children confessed to doing this for attention since they do not get attention at home.
They live in crowded rooms in motels where some as much as a family of 5 is living in these rooms. Some kids have their clothes hanging up in the bathrooms, and most if not all sleep in the same living room. A child who was in a family of five was asked if he is happy and he said what do you mean by happy? No I am not happy it is crowded in here.
The situation that these children grow up in is disgusting. The schools are far from effective at teaching these children anything, the teacher was teaching them about drugs at an early age to try and curve their likeliness to move into drugs, but teaching them about drugs is simply not a solution as thus then they are educated about drugs and not something fucking useful like work or science or how to get the fuck out of the situation that they are in! The teacher was far unqualified for the job that she had as she has no idea what to do with these children and how to teach them about the world and life, she was following a pre-programmed curriculum that has no intention at helping these children practically, it is only there to try and curve the situation that they are in, which is not effective. These children are being programmed by their environment and not taught to get out of it but to `deal` with it, thus accepting that they are in that situation and implying that they will not be able to effectively get out of that situation.
Obviously if one have a look at this situation the limitor is the current accepted and allowed monetary system we have all implemented through our acceptance and allowance of this, thus we are all murderers. In this current system there is always haves and have nots that is the way of the capitalistic system. That is why we at desteni support an Equal Money System as we realize that this is an effective solution to the world’s `problems, when I say world I mean the human world/system.
In an Equal Money system, the parents of the family will thus then not have to work `dead-end` jobs to keep them in a motel, they will be provided everything that they need to live a dignified life, because looking at the situation that they are in ask yourself if their life is within the definition of dignity? The schools will not need to be limited by money, and the teacher will not be there teaching a pre-programmed curriculum, as someone who actually has the ability to TEACH children effectively will want to be a teacher and not only be there for money as `jobs` will not be the only access to money/support in an Equal Money System, the support will be unconditionally provided because we all fucking breathe!
Investigate and support and join in on the band wagon to support all life unconditionally and equally at and at

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