Thursday, May 5, 2011

Equal Money System and Animal Support

May 4th 2011
I am here at my dads and there are 2 cats here. I find it enjoyable to be around animals and live with them. They express gratitude for ones existence when fed and when taken care of, so what will happen in an EMS?! Obviously in an Equal Money System we will be taking care of all animals, so what will be the outcome of that?
In an Equal Money system we will be able to provide unconditional support to all life here, all animals, plants, fungi, etc. When animals are unconditionally supported now they enjoy humans but currently we are being quite selective in what we are allowing ourselves to support as well destroying animals habitats daily with our deforestation and destruction of the Earth to make way for ourselves which is disgusting and thus animals run from humans when sighted, reasonably so.
In an EMS we will no longer destroy habitats of animals equal to us as a part of this earth and necessary to continue its cycle of life, therefore many animals will come around slowly as we will unconditionally support all life, we will stop destroying earth in the name of profit or money. Animals will not be treated as we are treating them now which is far beyond unacceptable and again slowly we will be living with all creatures of this earth equal and one, as it is required for humans to realize that we are all equal parts of this earth as this earth, equally participating on this earth as one individual each and as well one as the earth, the universe etc. We are equal to atoms as an equal part of this earth and our bodies, nothing less than or more than each having its function within/as this Earth, thus living in harmony as money will no longer harm.
Since animals will not be treated as less than ourselves we will thus support them and their lives and do what is best for them as ourselves.  Slowly but surely animals will come around and we will be able to experience ourselves living with all creates in an EMS and as well slowly but surely we will make sure that all life is supported in this world as it will definitely take work to correct the starvation, poverty, as infrastructure will need to be established in those areas of the Earth to effectively support the life that lives in those areas, and as soon as we are able to support eachother equally as neighbours thus life will start to prosper in that area...All life = animals, plants, trees, insects, humans etc. Animals will then most likely start to enjoy us instead of run from us for destroying their habitats for self-interests, in an EMS we will be able to grow their habitats back so that life may prosper in those areas instead of now having only a select conservation area for certain animals.
Investigate and support an Equal Money System so that we will be able to give back to the land which we have raped from it.

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