Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Disabilities, Politeness and What is best for all

May 1st 2011
I was at a doctors office a few days ago and there was this being in a wheel chair who looked like he had a severe form of cerebral palsy. 2 points arose within this and they are the fact of him being disabled and within an equality system will this be allowed as we should understand death, and the point of politeness because as I was `staring` my sister nudged me with an implied meaning of don’t stare as it is `rude`
I was observing this being in his physical form. He was in a wheelchair unable to communicate verbally with language, he was struggling with breathing every so often, and his physical movement was quite limited, he could move his arms although it seemed as he did not have directive control. This being is being kept alive in his current state and from my observations it seemed like he was suffering. His breathing was a struggle. Every so often he would convulse and his breathing would stop for a second and it seemed like he was trying to get breath into himself, and this happened about every 2 minutes or so. His father would periodically smack his lungs to try and `help` him breathe as his understanding.
So my question is should this being be kept alive in his current state? He is definitely suffering, unable to communicate his diabilities and only through the understanding of medicine are we able to `diagnose` hsi conditions and how to keep him alive. He was spitting up every so often so his airway through his mouth was being obstructed in some manner so he was definitely struggling to keep his breath steady and stable.
He is being kept alive most likely because his parents did not want to let him go so they keep him in this state of struggle to support their own wants of his life and having an offspring. Looking at his condition he is going to be completely dependant on others to support his life for his entire life. He will never be able to support himself under his own means, if he did not have parents the system that we currently live in would not support him very well, sure there are institutions to support his life but in the condition that this world is undergoing it is all limited to money, therefore if the institution does not have a steady flow of money going into it is will simply die and that being won’t be able to be supported.
In an equality system, we will most likely have more of an understanding of death. Death will not be a thing to fear, but an actuality of living. We will understand that a being must come from somewhere to inhabit the physical form to keep it alive, to keep it stable to keep it breathing. So keeping a being in a form that it must constantly suffer within should not be supported as it is abuse to keep that being alive, it is a literal form of torture. The being in his form will not be able to appropriately survive in the system under himself, so it must be understood that we must let him go in that form so that he may be re-birthed into another form, one that does not suffer.
This is certainly a controversial subject, as all euthanasia is. In an equality system, we will take what is best for all into account, so is it best for this being to be kept alive in his current physical form? Or is it best for him to give him another life here in the physical, one where he does not need to suffer or struggle to BREATHE!? It would be best to end his suffering, imagine having to struggle to breathe every 2 minutes, and struggling means having your breath stopped and convulsing and seizuring  to get it back, being unable to communicate under the language of the part of the world you are in, having to be supported constantly by another being. For me that would be a hell.
When we have an actual understanding of death suffering life will not be supported, it will be possible to end all suffering. A point came up of people may think I am thus saying kill all the suffering. That is not true, many beings suffer not because of their physical condition but because of a lack of money, and in an equality system, money will be distributed equally so that beings may be able to support their life. So some suffering is due to the accepted system we have imposed within/as ourselves, and other suffering is due to the physical form they are within.
The other point here is `politeness`. I was only observing this being in his form and what he is going through. I would see it as `rude` if I were to purposely not look at him, ignoring him. If I were to purposely not look at him and ignore him I would ignore the fact that he is life, I would thus be ignoring his life.
And we accept this ignorance as politeness, when really it is being rude as it is purposely ignoring this being as life and what he is going through, through not giving him our attention to his current state of life. This world is in reverse. In this situation `politeness` is actually being `rude` while being `rude` is not being `rude`.  So why is it polite to not stare? It is seen as it makes them feel less then, or embarrassed or ashamed. But that is not the intention of the being staring at all, usually. It is only to understand what he is going through. As a kid when you did stare, was it to judge them? Or was it to observe and understand? So being polite in not staring at people with disabilities is actually rude as you are not giving them attention to their life. Understanding what it would be like to go through this world in that body.
Investigate an Equal money system so we may realize that we are all equal and thus then create an Equality System in all aspects in this world. We have the possibilities here we must simply realize them.

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