Saturday, April 9, 2011

Responsibility and Blaming Hospitals

“This is a big problem and it is unfortunate that hospitals aren’t doing a better job but hospitals are getting better”

Those were words spoken in a news cast about the safety in hospitals. The topic was that there are hospital mistakes, and there were more than what was known. They did not say what mistakes exactly. One thing that comes to mind is the rare story of a medical tool being left in the body.

Those words are implying that hospitals are the problem and that hospitals are to blame. Which they are not. It is not hospitals that are making mistakes it is the human, most likely because of laziness or not paying attention to what they are doing. Here is another case where be blame something that is not an entity, hospitals are not `alive` or in control of itself. It is controlled by many humans, so humans are the issue not the fact that a hospital. This is just another case of placing blame outside of us as humans so that we do not have to take responsibility. This brings up the point that our words are creating our worlds. So we are thus blaming everything for our own actions to not take responaibility for ourselves. Like for example many people will blame schools for lack of education, or blame the lack of money within school for the lack of education. We are the ones who are the educators, we are the ones who are creating the curriculum, we are the ones who are funding the school, and yet we blame schools, something that WE created for the actions of ourselves. We have given the power of ourselves to our creation, which seems to be the idea of god, how he has given responsibility to us within the idea of free choice, yet he will end up taking responsibility for us within death, still telling us whether or not we go to hell or heaven, supposedly. We are god and we have placed responsibility on our creation to not take responsibility for creating it. We have also separated ourselves from our creation thus blaming our creation for our actions within it. I mean I reality is we actually responsible for ourselves, or is god equally responsible for creating us. He created the murderers, he created the `lovers` he created all things and yet does not take responsibility equally for its creation. So essentially we have created god in our image, to again take away responsibility for creating ourselves which is humourous to me, because we have thus taken away ultimate responsibility for ourselves given up responsibility for ourselves to a supposed `higher being`. Even looking at that within the context of reality if god does actually exist we are equal to god as creators of ourselves and god is equal in responsibility for everything that is going on. So everything is equal for the creation of this world through acceptance of it, and through actually creating it, but the human just refused to realize that it is responsible for this world, that it has created everything within the human world and world. So we are not taking responsibility for it so we are giving away our power to change it to the systems that we have created. So if it is a system it will continuously follow the system that it is, thus never going to change but to continue the system because it is a fucking system.

So what is the true problem here? Humans are the problem, as well as our acceptance of the current application of the money system. Many hospitals are under FUNDED so in an equal money system there will be no need to fund them because they will because constantly funded constantly supported therefore funding does not exist, it will be supported. We must fund our lives currently and in an EMS we will not be funded we will be supported.
Please visit and donate what you can to support a better future for everyone but first investigate so that you know what you are donating to and for, and so that you may understand too what is going on.

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