Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Inhereting Humanity

There is something inherently wrong with the human. I asked why do animals run from humans when they see them? It is because we have destroyed the world and everything on the Earth. They run because we have destroyed the Earth, because we are destroyers.

I remember trying to get close to animals saying I am nice and I won’t hurt you and I do not hurt animals. If that idea of me were real they would stick around as they would see that I do not hurt animals, so in that case the idea of me as that is not real. Animals will only see a humans and that is what I am and as a human thus I am inherently destructive. Humans have lived this way forever, and everyone says its just the way it is, but within saying that there is inherent separation, because we must then say it is just the way we are. Many humans will not say that because that thus implies that we are responsible for the destruction, the hell, the maiming, the harm, the abuse that goes on in this world, but no we say that is just the way `things` are. But do you see any other species on this planet destroying it? Cutting down trees on an extensive level? Killing other species for `sport`? No. Humans are the thing that is just the why things are the way they are. We are the issue.

Participating in Desteni is a process of self-purification so that we may no longer harm. We take responsibility for ourselves the way that we are = abusive, harming, destroying beings, and we say till here no further. We are in a movement to get rid of the abuse that is us, we are in the movement to support a better world so that all life in this world may exist in the best possible manor of living, by consistently applying doing what is best for all, forgiving ourselves for abusing, forgiving ourselves for our past actions to not let the past haunt us as we all do at times, correcting ourselves to become pure so that we may be able to support life in this world instead of destroying it the way we have.

The way that is best for all currently is an Equal Money System. In the words of Bernard Poolman “for harmony to exist money must not harm`. That is all that money is during currently doing = harming. Most if not all things that revolve around money in this world are abusive, it supports profit, greed, that in essence is only considering what one wants, not what is best for all or even Self. In an EMS there is no possibility for profit thus eliminating greed, thus in essence supporting what can be done that is best for all as no one has anything to `gain` and as well eliminates power of an individual and gives power to the group, that group being humanity, and if humanity has equal power what will be done will be best for all of humanity.

Join desteni , support the EMS, purify yourself so that we may be able to remove this abusive existence from ever existing again, because as stated in the begging WE are the issue, Humans are the issue, humans are the destroyers, We are the Killers, Murders, etc. Investigate desteni, invest yourself into becoming a better human, investigate Equal Money System, invest yourself to support a better life. http//

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