Saturday, March 12, 2011

Follow me and you Will get Sex - SNAP

Mar 12th 2011 2:58am

I have just watched Life in the Undergrowth With David Attenborough, Suggested by Bernard and found it quite interesting. The one point that I see relevant to myself is the snap David guides the cicada with. So A little explanation here…When the cicada comes out from underground and is ready to mate, the male makes a humming/chirping sound and the female makes a snapping sound. David mimicked the sound of the female to a male that was on a branch and was able to `control` him up and down the branch with the snapping of his finger. I laughed at this when I saw it because how true it is that We as males are so subject to sex that someone has to simply snap their fingers at us and we will be directed towards sex. It reminds me of a person snapping at you to get your attention…our attention is so diverted and directed toward sex that it is as simple as a snap to get us off track and focused on sex…well for me at least. And this is not acceptable within/as me, I am not going to allow myself to be so directed towards sex any longer, as I have recently come to realize that this is a problem existent within me.

So yes the cicada was do directed and controlled by the desire to sex, that David simply had to snap his finger to follow him….now where does that exist in our human world? Media. What ever we want is controlled and veiled with advertisements around sex, when the product will not even provide sex. For example a body wash commercial where it is suggested that If one smell like the product they are selling they will get sex….SNAP! Follow me fucker!!!! If you follow me you will get sex…SNAP! Exactly how that shit is played out…and we follow it too. So obviously this is a problem as we are being mislead by the people who are promising us sex with a snap of their finger but ultimately we are responsible through desiring sex so heavily and allowing ourselves to place so much value on sex, and to be controlled by our want of sex so much that we will follow a snap promising sex.

I realize what and what not will provide sex.

I realize that only I provide sex for myself

I realize that no other object outside of myself with provide actual sex…yes there are masturbation tools but it is not sex.

I realize that sex is not important. I realize that I am guiding by my want within sex, so I take away the value within sex within myself and say fuck it to sex before I fuck myself within this want of sex…allowing myself to be led down a path of false sex(Snap)

So no wonder the media has honed in on this aspect of the male psyche. Same goes for females although I am not one to say, but yes from looking at it….wear this product and you will be more sexually attractive SNAP! Smell this way and men will fall for you SNAP Buy my shit fucker and you will get fucked SNAP! Has this world become one of shitting and fucking? Fuck so we can produce more shit producers that product shit. Meaning have sex so that we can produce babies who shit, and who will in the end produce the shit that is sold in this world….we have become so fucked through our want of fucking.

This point was a obvious representation of ourselves and what we have become. We are lead down a path of sex. We are lead down a path of buying shit through the want of sex and the promise of sex with a snap of the person who realizes this fact. So Why are we allowing ourselves to be guided this way. And through this sex has become a huge fucking sin. It has become an act to get or obtain something, never a point of self-expression of who we are as human! WTF simply put. We are using a look, a style, a word, an action, to manipulate another into having sex, it is never an expression of who we are within the physical, we all have ideas of what we want sex to be and they never exist in reality, so we expect sex to be like something, not allowing ourselves to simply express ourselves as human within the physical within/as having sex. The fact that we allow media to sell us sex, and the fact that we follow the snap of their fingers has allowed sex to become something that is not human, it has become an idea.

The solution? Believe it or not an Equal Money System is the Solution. It will allow people to not sell sex and blind themselves with the pursuit of money from realizing that selling sex and doing what has been done has made sex something inhuman. It will allow the companies to not use sex as a selling tool to sell their product as money will not be the main goal here. The main goal will be the usefulness of the product because the product will be what is sold, not some idea about the product making you more likely to have sex at some point.
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  1. David snapped his fingers and got followers who craved sex, LOL! Very cool sentence btw: "I realize what and what not will provide sex" - much of my world was built with this principle... lol.