Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Feeling Clean

I enjoy being/feeling clean. I did not have that great of soap before. Each time I would shower I would still smell of my scent and feel like the dirt and layer of oil has not gone from my skin. I would still feel greasy.
Today I bought a different soap. This soap has a strong scent to it and little particles of sand in it which help scrape off shit of my skin. I noticed when I used this soap it soaped up much more effectively, meaning that I did not need to lather as much to get the same amount of soap.

Anyways I feel like my skin can breathe right now and I enjoy smelling myself and not smelling of onion and candle wax. My sister tells me I smell like onion but the candle wax smell is much more prominent in my senses. I do not feel greasy right now, I feel dry, I feel `fresh`. I can definately sense a difference in cleanliness through scent and physical feeling.

I enjoy this feeling, I enjoy the smell, My feet do not feel as `clogged` they can breathe.
I was limiting myself within money, I was buying the least expensive soap. This time I did not look for the least expensive but what I needed.

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