Sunday, January 30, 2011

Breathing vs Thinking

When I think I am not here and I am my personality it its entirety. When I breathe I am much more stable at placing myself here, and letting everything go and being my body. Even now as I think I become more and more tired and as I am `waking up`, as I breathe I feel as if I have been up for hours. I can focus when I breathe, When I think I am only focused on one thing and that is within my mind being placed somewhere else. When I breathe I can analyze anything, When I think I am very limited to one expression I am limited to what I want to try to be. When I breathe I can look at any situation and express myself in the moment. When I think I am limited to expressing only what I think about, to only be what I believe or think the situation is, and my thinking is just a pre-programmed design of who I should be within this system.

So when I think I am extremely limited in who I am, When I think I am unlimited in my expression, I am here and not trying to be an idea/a thought/ a belief of my experience or the situation that I am involved in. When I think I am trying to match the situation with my thoughts. Right now I am watching a movie and it is `unraveling` and I am trying to understand it, when there is nothing to understand as it is right in front of my face, There is no need to understand anything, and when I am thinking I am trying to piece some puzzles together…but when I breathe the puzzle fits for me. When I breathe I let the movie just play out, I become humble and allow it to unfold for me, As I said it is right before my eyes, and all I need to do is breathe and I understand everything because there is not anything `more` to understand when watching a movie, As I think I am trying to create a definition onto trying to create words onto it, when I breathe as I am watching this movie The pictures and words define it for me there is nothing to think about when watching a movie, yet we all do. So it is pointless to think about anything, as what is is before your eyes. I like the saying when you look at a tree you do not need to say/think tree the tree says it’s a tree by being a tree. So really, is thinking useful? Does it make progress? In reality does thinking assist us in seeing, or does it only create a false interpretation of what we look at, When we think we are trying to see something that is not there. If we stop thinking we are able to see the reality of the situation. We are able to see it clearly rather than through the fog of words and definitions existent within out mind, trying to find the right words and definitions to `clearly` explain the situation but the situation is right at hand being shown clearly to us. So there was just a scene and It looked unfamiliar to me and I was wondering where the fuck is this…what is this. It is just what it is. There is nothing else to it…it is not beautiful it is not ugly, it just is. Thinking allows one to see it differently than what it really is. We all look through our minds eye at the moment and that eye is crowded with words definitions, knowledge, Information and we are sifting through all of that shit to find something to place on the idea experience that we go through at any moment, and then define ourselves according to information/knowledge of what we believe to be an adequate interpretation of the experience/situation.

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