Thursday, December 30, 2010

Pursuit of happiness = Bullshit

Recently I watched a Video by Bernard talking about pursuit of happiness, and a quote caught my attention, it was "diabetes is the pursuit of sweetness, sorry I mean happiness. Having Dieabetes I looked into this and noticed that almost all of my actigons and habits were based on happiness or the search for it. My attraction to other beings is certainly one that is from happiness, believing that happiness withh be a result of having a relationship. Happiness is jsut an energetic reaction to a situation. I have been watching tv recently and I have been reacting to that one moment in almost every movie where both people are smiling and `joking` around and they have established that trust within a relationship. My reaction to this to smile and be happy along with them, because I have created that reaction point within to go alonf with others when happiness is involved. When I feel that happiness, I am completely distracted from here, not being aware of myself, and I latch onto that feeling and hold it tight. I have allowed myself to participate in happiness a large amount of myself as time, and  have established a point where I move into happiness a lot. For instance I was thinking about smoking and got a bit happier within that moment because I would get what I wanted which would provide that experience of happiness that I gathered from being a kid. Interesting that  I want love and still want a relationship, so I belive that If I get what I want it will provide happiness. One point that I have noticed is that when I move for myself as myself for what is best for me I enjoy myself much more! There is no Energetic happiness it is a gratefullness for myself within moving myself for what is best for me!

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